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  1. Wowww that's incredible bro! Nicely done
  2. Fully agree with this! Only thing I can say from staff point of view would be that they've heard this a bunch and from what I've heard are already working on it. This has been a big issue for a while and they're taking the time to figure out a stable way to fix it. Wont be easy and wont be a quick fix but they're definitely aware. Love the in depth post and it's great to hear from a newer player about this!
  3. Soooooo st0nkz!! Amazing idea lads!
  4. Liquids

    POS Idea

    I think this would be cool. Would also help new players find prices easier. Great idea.
  5. Liquids

    Acouple Ideas

    Great idea, love the in depth explanation of all the suggestions. Very interested in new bosses on the server and this seems super cool.
  6. I stonkz this so hard - we need more stonkz in game
  7. Awesome job guys! Quick fixes to a lot of issues, nicely done
  8. I absolutely love this idea, make it certain clue scroll items and it'll make them worthwhile too
  9. Definitely agree with what Bernard said, large gold drops from monsters would drastically improve the eco and pvming in general. Make the lesser-used bosses drop larger stacks that actually excite people to get (even up to 50 - 100b). This is honestly long overdue and the only thing I wouldnt vote for would be the comp cape tasks because comp is already a nice grind with not much of a reward.
  10. Love this man! Thinking of stuff we aren't even asking for and don't know we need. This skin is dope!
  11. Thanks for the response Kevin, great to hear!
  12. I completely agree with the point about neglected bosses. I've outlined in other posts and also touched on it here that upgrading drop tables is a necessity at this point. I feel like players are stuck killing the same things over and over again because only a few bosses are actually worthwhile and this just makes the game become stale extremely quick (even faster if you have poor luck). I think adding large gp drops to the monsters you outlined above would be a great way to tackle 2 issues. Either that or simply updating drop tables across all bosses to make them at least somewhat more equal. Right now when new players ask me what to kill for money I say ::lava (which isn't really that great since their nerf apart from the cash drops), hydra (which again has been destroyed recently) and then it's just onyx and crystal bosses (although Poraz has taken quite a hit as well). To be completely honest, when people ask me what to do for money I tell them to vote. Seems to be the only way new players can get started at the moment.
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