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  1. Please disable gems on these as they fill up your inventory and prevent you from continuing to mine. As a crystal donor I'd rather use the afk rock over the rubytree but I can't right now because I have to bank the gems every 30mins (sometimes less). Same with shooting star. Not many players do it and it takes a while to get rid of the star on your own. Would be extremely helpful to be able to afk while mining it.
  2. Liquids

    Yeah I thought about that too. We could maybe solve that by adding these boxes to other drop tables (like Corp for ex.) at a higher rate so max gear players would stick to those. I just think new players who have poor gear should be able to kill something to make money.
  3. Liquids

    Figured I'd start a thread on here instead of posting in Discord and such. I'll add to the list as I think of them. - Add Warrior/Archer/Wizard boxes and their elite versions to GWD Bosses to make them viable again and to allow newer players a way to (potentially) get rare items like Scythe from PvM. And please don't make them something awful like 1 in 850 because they really aren't that good and no new player is going to grind armadyl for 850 kills for a morrigans coif. I think reg boxes should be 1 in 20/30 and elites 1 in 50/75 from these monsters as theyre tough-ish to kill and predominantly targeted at newer players. - Please god adjust Celestial set to boost hp to 139 (pretty please). Just think it makes sense since mage is the worst of the 3 combat styles anyway, should at least give it same hp benefits otherwise theres no reason to use. - Update trivia/boss point store with useful items (again, so newer players have another way to achieve some of the top tier gear like Nex sets or even Justi/Saggi) - maybe something like 750 pts for a justi piece? IDK. I also know that this has been suggested and I think accepted but I just wanted to make sure lol. - Add some sort of bonus to Dawn/Ankou/Lizardman Brutes/Stone things that activate an increased drop rate for server. This one is a bit weird so let me explain. Potentially it would be a drop (like a box or w.e) that when you open, grants the entire server a 15% rare drop increase for something like 30mins - 1 hr. Obviously with it being this strong it would have to be something like a 1 in 900 drop rate, but I think it would be cool to give Crystal players a reason to grind that benefits themselves but also the rest of the server. Crystal donor bosses are supposed to be overpowered, and I think this is a cool and different way to make them just that while improving QOL for all players. I think this would make the most sense as a Dawn drop since its the longest to kill apart from Ankou and Ankou 1 in 900 drop table is kind of a shit show as is. That's all I got for now. Not sure how these are gonna go over but feel free to rip me a new on in responses or just cuss me out in-game <3
  4. Liquids

    Back up and running! PM me in-game.
  5. Liquids

    Looking forward to this new boss. Great update.
  6. Liquids

  7. Liquids

    #1 ranked goodiebag picker in Simplicity
  8. Liquids

    Lmao knew you'd see this
  9. Liquids

    That's all.
  10. Liquids

    Service currently on hold while I get crystal rank.
  11. Liquids

    Provided Inferno Cape to the below players Skild (Gratz on 2nd pet btw ) Snack N Wack Enigma Gti Heaven Co Slammed
  12. Hello Everyone! I've camped Inferno for the pet and now feel like I am good (and lucky) enough to provide this service for others who may not have the gear to get the Inferno cape themselves. I charge a fee of 2B for the cape and the fee for the pet can be found below. Requirements: 99 HP 99 Def 99 Ranged 80 Prayer Essentially I would transfer my gear to your account, complete the Inferno for you, and you can pay once you log back in to your account. It doesn't even require you to change your password or your PIN. Simply use ::changepassword to create a new password for me to use and use the town crier to change your pin until I am done. Once You are logged back in, change your password and PIN back to the original. If you're interested in this service simply PM me in-game I can also provide a pet service I can also camp the Inferno long-term for the pet. However, since the pet is a 1/50 drop and isn't even guaranteed to be dropped in 50 kills, payment will differ. Currently I can offer this service for 30B for every 50 kills + 200m for every kill in between 50 ex. If you get the pet after 74 kills, payment would = 30b + (200m x 24) or 34.8b If you decide to pull out of the service after a number of kills, I can offer a 50% discount, so if I do 100 kills, I would only expect 30b payment instead of 60b. Lastly, you do not need to provide any gear or food/pots. I will also transfer over overloads/rocktails until the service has been provided. I look forward to providing players with the Inferno cape well into the future P.S. Below are vouches from players who I have provided the service for.
  13. Liquids

    +1 Also, keep players in their party after the raid.
  14. Liquids

    I agree with this. I was going to put an option where the bonuses from these prayers were increased slightly but didn't think people would want that. I would totally support this idea though.
  15. Liquids

    I don't really know how to start this so I'm just going to get right into it. In their current state, Superior Pets (Olmlet, Tzrek and Vorki) are barely useful. To get these pets you need to first get a 1 in 900 rare drop (or 1 in 50 for Inferno) from one of the hardest bosses in the game (Vorkath, Olm or Inferno). This is hard enough as is and most players camping these bosses already have near max gear. Secondly, you need to pay 50B cash to upgrade that pet into it's superior form. Now, the issue I'm seeing is that, there is/was only one place where these pets were useful and that was at raids. All other bosses are either easy enough without them or you're unable to use protect prayers anyway, forcing players to already use soulsplit which doesn't stack with the pets effect. If these pets are going to be some of the hardest items to obtain in-game (seeing as they aren't tradeable and you can only get them from donating or getting the drop yourself), I don't understand why their effect is ultimately useless. I would like to offer two potential changes to these pets that would make them useful again and worth the hefty price of obtaining them (including time and cash). 1) I would say make them usable at raids again, but seeing as that was removed recently I would imagine that's not on the table. So instead, perhaps these pets could offer a drop rate increase of some sort (something minimal like 3 - 5%). This would provide a large enough incentive for players to spend 50B on these pets since they could potentially make that money back in the future via drops and it wouldn't be game breaking in any way as many items of similar prices offer much higher drop rate increases (Boss Capes). 2) Allow them to provide some other useful effect (Overload stat increase, anti-poison, recover special attack). Just give them SOMETHING that is different, that is actually useful to players willing to spend 50B on them. When I started on this server a few months back I saw these pets and they were always one of my goals. I love the way they look, I love that they are so challenging to get, but once I heard that their effect is basically nulled by the fact I can barely use them at any of the bosses they'd actually be useful at, that excitement was kind of deflated (and I just got my Tzrek pet LAST NIGHT - and I was HYPED). I hope these pets can be reworked in some way to provide some sort of benefit to all players that would like to own and use them. The soulsplit idea was an awesome idea and still is, but I think that currently, that effect isn't as important or helpful as was initially intended. Thanks for reading! - Liquids
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