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  1. What do you mean by iron man suits? Like iron man from the avengers? I like the ranging ammy idea! Thanks for posting
  2. These better be done by the end of the day, and i expect 5 ankou pieces 😆
  3. This is dope! Although I feel a few of the ranks could just say "just skip this one". *cough* Sapphire *cough* But phenomenal post regardless
  4. Little late but we'll take it! You the best Noki ❤️
  5. I definitely support this idea, comp is long overdue for an update. Awesome post man, very well thought out!
  6. Straight from server intro to server support, big ups mate, happy to have you dikn!
  7. A bit late but welcome man happy to have you!
  8. I tried to solo and died in 15 seconds, nicely done man!
  9. Liquids

    POS changes

    Both good ideas, thanks for posting!
  10. Monk robes + dds + anguish (or) + angelic boots + neitz faceguard + ddefender + angelic cape I want rambos and I want em ASAP
  11. I've suggested this in staff chat a few days back, really hope it gets implemented. Thanks for posting! +1
  12. This is a cool idea, I feel like we need more skilling oriented items. +1 from me but would need a work around for sure, although it's already easy enough to get to a bank so may not even need to nerf this idea.
  13. Liquids


    This has been needed for a while, thanks for posting! +1
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