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  1. I agree with this. I was going to put an option where the bonuses from these prayers were increased slightly but didn't think people would want that. I would totally support this idea though.
  2. I don't really know how to start this so I'm just going to get right into it. In their current state, Superior Pets (Olmlet, Tzrek and Vorki) are barely useful. To get these pets you need to first get a 1 in 900 rare drop (or 1 in 50 for Inferno) from one of the hardest bosses in the game (Vorkath, Olm or Inferno). This is hard enough as is and most players camping these bosses already have near max gear. Secondly, you need to pay 50B cash to upgrade that pet into it's superior form. Now, the issue I'm seeing is that, there is/was only one place where these pets were useful and that was at raids. All other bosses are either easy enough without them or you're unable to use protect prayers anyway, forcing players to already use soulsplit which doesn't stack with the pets effect. If these pets are going to be some of the hardest items to obtain in-game (seeing as they aren't tradeable and you can only get them from donating or getting the drop yourself), I don't understand why their effect is ultimately useless. I would like to offer two potential changes to these pets that would make them useful again and worth the hefty price of obtaining them (including time and cash). 1) I would say make them usable at raids again, but seeing as that was removed recently I would imagine that's not on the table. So instead, perhaps these pets could offer a drop rate increase of some sort (something minimal like 3 - 5%). This would provide a large enough incentive for players to spend 50B on these pets since they could potentially make that money back in the future via drops and it wouldn't be game breaking in any way as many items of similar prices offer much higher drop rate increases (Boss Capes). 2) Allow them to provide some other useful effect (Overload stat increase, anti-poison, recover special attack). Just give them SOMETHING that is different, that is actually useful to players willing to spend 50B on them. When I started on this server a few months back I saw these pets and they were always one of my goals. I love the way they look, I love that they are so challenging to get, but once I heard that their effect is basically nulled by the fact I can barely use them at any of the bosses they'd actually be useful at, that excitement was kind of deflated (and I just got my Tzrek pet LAST NIGHT - and I was HYPED). I hope these pets can be reworked in some way to provide some sort of benefit to all players that would like to own and use them. The soulsplit idea was an awesome idea and still is, but I think that currently, that effect isn't as important or helpful as was initially intended. Thanks for reading! - Liquids
  3. +1. It's already like the 4th or 5th best gear for each attack style, shouldn't degrade as well, makes it literally useless.
  4. I completely agree and thanks for the response. I bought sagi for 56b the other day after trying to buy it for over 48 hours. I even found people who had a set they weren't using and the replies I got were normally, "nah, I'll just hold onto it until the prices gets higher." I understand merching is a way a lot of players make money, but when I'm already offering to overpay and players STILL aren't willing to sell, it shows you how big of a problem this is. I used to love going to GWD, yes it was easy but it made it fun to camp there for multiple hours. I feel like if I had even a slim chance of getting items like Justiciar or something from these bosses, it would make them fun again. Getting these items from the well just isn't the same and frankly, I've never had any luck doing so. Hopefully they can revive these bosses in some way to make them playable for new and old players alike. I also like how you said getting the rare gear should be "grindy" and I'm totally on board. Don't make the drop rates 1% like the others. These drops should make you feel excited, unlike the others currently available from these bosses. I just want that feeling again and I don't want to have to pay for it.
  5. To start, I just want to say I love this server. I played the original simplicity and was one of the first 10 people to comp on it. I've donated over $500 to this server and want it to succeed. The two huge issues I continue to see on this server are that it is extremely hard for new players to make the amount of money it takes to camp the higher level bosses (Raids, Hydra, Nex etc.) and it's extremely hard to buy items from other players because a majority of players seem to hold onto items even when they aren't using them. Want proof? Try buying a Scythe or a Sagi Set and let me know how long it takes. Regardless, I think both of these issues can be solved by doing one thing. Improving the drop rates of PvM Bosses to get them to a point where players actually have a shot of making real money from them (not 100m or 500m, but REAL money). I'm aware that as it stands, drop rates are already quite high. I understand that if I went to Raids right now I would have a good chance of getting a 100m+ drop. I don't want the rates to be increased by 50% or anything insane. I think a lot of players feel like right now, the only way to get rare items (Scythe, Tbow, Ftbow etc.) is to donate, which I don't think should be a goal of this server. I've played 150 hours on this server and never seen a Tbow drop from Raids. I've also never seen a Olm's fire or heard of a Scythe being dropped from WW. I get that these items are rare, but they shouldn't only be available to those who donate or win big at ::gamble or ::duel. I've come up with 3 possible solutions to this problem and hope others can come up with more. 1) Add drops like Justiciar pieces, Saggy pieces, Scythe, Tbow to bosses that currently, don't really have a purpose, like GWD bosses. Even if the drop rate is something like 0.2%, it would give players with lower tier gear the opportunity to get a drop that's actually worth something and actually excites them. Remember the first time you got a Tassets drop in OSRS? That feeling isn't replicated on this server because Tassets just aren't worth anything. Now imagine getting a Scythe from Bandos. You might actually have players camping these bosses (and not just the rich ones). I brought up GWD bosses as an example, obviously, Scythe and Tbow should only be dropped by mid or high tier bosses, but just have them drop at a rate that doesn't seem completely impossible. 2) Have daily events where players can collect points that they can then spend in a store to buy these items. Not only would this provide players with a reason to continuously play, it would give new players an opportunity to gain these items through ways other than PvM and staking and might actually increase community engagement. 3) Make changes to rare drops so that every 1 in _____ amount of kills you're guaranteed something from the top drop table (1 in 900). To be completely honest, the 1 in 900 items are a bit broken when it comes to getting them from drops. For one, most of these items have turned into junk that either has no use or can't be sold. Secondly, if I have to kill 900 Great Olm's to get a drop worth 1.5b... chances are I'm going to give up real quick. If it was guaranteed that I'd get a rare drop (from the 1 in 900 items) after 500 kills (if I didn't receive one before that), I would absolutely keep camping the boss until that point. Like I said above, I love this server, and I really want it to succeed into the future. I think that there is a key issue here that needs to be solved if we want to grow the player base. If anyone has other ides I would love to hear them. Also, I know how hard the staff currently work. The amount of events you guys run + the amount of updates you roll out is unlike any other server. I don't mean to make this sound like I'm complaining that the staff team isn't doing enough, I just thought I would start the conversation and come up with some possible solutions that could maybe get you thinking about how to fix the current state of Simplicity's economy. Thanks for reading!
  6. I know, I know. I'm not trying to say this isn't important. I think I made my viewpoint pretty clear and that's that these changes should be made, just not right now. So I think in that sense we agree.
  7. So does everyone that paid for your other 25% and their own ranks.
  8. I don't mean to sound like a dick.. but where exactly did your $3,000 go? Do you know? I highly doubt they're using ALL of this money to help the server grow. At least, it doesn't seem that way with all the bugs. Also, a good number of Onyx donators didn't donate the full $3,000 to get their rank, they either grinded in game or won stakes or whatever else to make money to buy scrolls (as John mentioned). So the people ACTUALLY paying for this server to "grow" don't see any benefits if the time of the coders/devs are fully focused on creating a better space for an Onyx Zone worth $3,000. The people who pay for the actual donations (not the ones buying in-name or buying $ scrolls) need basic things improved (Nex instance, Olm, server lag, random other bugs) and this should definitely not be a priority right now. As I mentioned before, I do think this zone should be improved. All of the points John made are certainly true and need to be addressed, but the time just isn't right for devs to focus on this (in my opinion).
  9. Although I see where you're coming from and I'm not an Onyx donator so I can't speak to how bad Ohall truly is.. I think there are way bigger issues with the server atm for staff to be concerned with. It would be nice for the Ohall to get a revamp, but why don't we fix Olm first, or deal with the constant server lag. This issue affects maybe 1 - 5% of the server population and really.. like you said, it's a "rich get richer" problem. In the future, this should be brought up again but I think it's the wrong time right now.
  10. FYI, 900 Dragon fire arrows were in my bank before I started the KC so there is a small error in the total!
  11. Disclaimer* - I am a Diamond donator and I use Ring of Bosses for the entire 2000 kills, so obviously drop rates are increased and the amount of each rare I got must be cut in half for non-diamond donors/players not using RoB. To Begin - Stated Drop Rates from Lava Fire Giants Always - 500K Coins + 3 Dragon Arrows 1 in 410 - Dragon Kiteshield 1 in 320 - Glaiven boots, Steadfast boots and Ragefire boots 1 in 40 - Gold Bag 1 in 15 - Dragon Arrows and Runite Bolts 1 in 5 - Feathers My Drops From 2000 Fire Lava Giants https://i.gyazo.com/619322b7bd35830978e0cdbb8db964f1.pnghttps://i.gyazo.com/619322b7bd35830978e0cdbb8db964f1.pnghttps://i.gyazo.com/619322b7bd35830978e0cdbb8db964f1.png Profit (Including Prices I Consistently Sell These Items For) Glaivens/Ragefires/Steadfasts : $75M/boot which = (40 x $75M) or S3B (S3,000,000,000) Dragon Kiteshield : $100M/shield which = (8 x $100M) or S800M ($800,000,000) Dragon Fire Arrows : $180,000/arrow which = (6900 x $180,000) or $1.242B ($1,242,000,000) Profit From Items (Excluding Coin Bags) = $5.042B or $5,042,000,000 Coin Bags $3,726,151,536 from 168 bags = $22,179,473.43 per bag ($22.1M per bag) Clue Scrolls (From PoS Prices) $2,200,000 or $2.2M per scroll x 124 Scrolls = $272,800,000 ($272.8M) Caskets Unfortunately I didn't open these and add the value of any substantial loot into the total due to the fact that it would take way too long to distinguish which items were in my bank prior to opening the new caskets dropped within the 2,000 kills. Total Profit Rare Items - $5,042,000,000 + Coins Bags - $3,726,151,536 + Clue Scrolls - $272,800,000 ---------------------------------------- $9,040,951,536 ($9.040B) * $4,520,475 ($4.52M) per Kill Reminder that this profit includes drop rate increases from RoB and double rare drop effect from Diamond Donator/RoB and should not be used as a base/average for players not using Ring of Bosses or are not Diamond Donators. Hope you Enjoyed!