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  1. Welcome back bro, Enjoy your return.
  2. I'm game for this you got my vote +1
  3. I love the idea of changing the items in the shop, and these item suggestions, i think are the best ones to fill in on. But like Foly said i think we need to like double some of these and make them higher like 800 for the scroll or something just a thought.
  4. So logged in today killed my second Kraken of the day 13th over all and got a Tent, Next stop is pet i suppose.
  5. I mean not bad for my 8th kill haha
  6. Welcome to the server my dude enjoy your stay
  7. Hello Everyone Names Justin Ign Beckley I used to play the old Simplicity, just started on here today. Little bit about myself, I have my Associates Degree in Graphic Design from a Tech College. I live in Ohio, and Music is pretty much my life lol. I work as an Hourly manager at a retail store in charge of about 40 people. Anyways if you guys wanna chat hit me up on forums or ingame see you dudes around.