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  1. This topic has been discussed and is on the list for updates! Thank you for the suggestion!
  2. I agree with this topic but i dont think we need to implement a new gear. Its pretty simple to gain 300-500m on here as you can sit at afk tree a few days and easily have that. Barrows armor is pretty simple to get as well so that can always work for a bridge to bandos. As for weapons, i do think there needs to be a bridge weapon or boosted stats. I like that idea. Look forward to seeing some ideas of what the weapon or stats would be.
  3. I love this idea. great items in there that would give a reason for doing slayer. I do think that the slayer pts should be increased like stated above. each Sumona task is roughly 20-25pts, so youd be getting 400 pts in 20 tasks that take maybe 5-10min max to do. Double the pts and i agree
  4. Killing all the bosses is already multiple comp achievements lol.
  5. I still disagree with this. The point of the task being an elite achievement is that it takes time. Comp is not supposed to be something you can do quickly. If you're going to ask to make this a 5 second task for comp, then it needs to be replaced with something similar that is elite level. Thats my idea here. I get where you're coming from with wanting to keep the well going but at the same time, the point for the achievement is still there.
  6. Awesome guide! should help a lot of people out!! Sound seems a bit low on my end but that could just be me Thanks for the great guide!!
  7. I like the ideas that you have listed here Aero. The only thing inputs i have are: 1. Maybe we should just move the afk spots to a new tele and not split them all up? A lot of people use them and thats what helps them build up to being able to afford a donation rank or scroll. 2. The money well is currently one of Elite achievements for Comp Cape, so what would your suggestion be to replace that achievement, to make it comparable to an elite level achievement? The achievement serves as a basis of dumping money but also giving back to the server to help others. Just food for thought here. 3. I dont think I totally agree with the PVP armors going back to non degradable, however, i do completely agree with getting other combat styles involved. How we do this? Thats what id like to hear more about if you have any other ideas. Other than that, Great ideas and i look forward to hearing more from you about all of them. God bless and ill see you in game
  8. Cool design! Interested to see the feedback from others Great work!


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