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  1. Kevin - Lovely man amongst the many I met the first time I hopped on this server and discord. Very easy to talk to and helpful individual. I strive to be like this man. Alb - What can I say that anyone hasn't already about this man, great personality, one of the most helpful I've met to this day, at least when he's not playing his iron Renekton or doing live streams of his mic unboxings. Tenogard - Teno-merch as I say, one of the first staff and as well as first person to help me in game. He was also one of the first people to merch me days later.... Keep your friends close, but merch-emies closer. Made sure to answer any questions I had without any hesitation or annoyance of me being a new player, and continues to go above and beyond helping me to this day. Great dude, can merch me any day of the week. Flawless - One of the favorite amongst all of those I've listed in this response, and not only because of his devishly good looks and guns. Flawless is quite flawless when it comes to handling situations that I've seen and helping out new players and old. He seems to know the proper way to handle being helpful or when things go crazy. Great Dude, and Greatly Helpful. Garbage Bin - As one of the newer players upon this amazing group of staff, Garbage stepped into his role accordingly and was going beyond expectations in my eyes as someone who plays plenty of hours a day a normal player of this server. He is overly friendly and willing to help any question or need at hand no matter how ridiculous the situation or player can be. (I've seen it with my own 2 eyes lol). Promo him to full time Support!


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