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  1. Hello - I feel like raids lost it's value on Simplicity. I think raids should have a guaranteed cash drop or something else that'll make the raids a bit more profitable compared to etc hydra. Best regards Sok
  2. +1 there's no way to achieve anything on this server without money or by being unemployeed.
  3. +1 #WakeUpStaffPls
  4. would love a buff on T island
  5. Great update, will you be uploading the exact changes to the melee weapons here or where?
  6. That's exactly how i feel wilderness should be! Wilderness should be a competetive place and trust me, you'll be able to farm bosses at the wild eventhough people will pk, you just gotta choose how much you risking up there.
  7. My suggestion is to make wilderness active on Simplicity, both PK- and PVM-wise. This could be done this way: Make all wilderness bosses drop 1000-5000 bloodmoney, depending on their strength. The chance of bloodmoney should be 100 percent, but should be in a range of 1000, lets take Chaos Elemental for example, he should drop in range of 1500-3000 bloodmoney. In addition to the increased pvm value in wilderness, every PK kill should give in range of 3000-7000 bloodmoney. With the above said, the bloodmoney should be currency in a PKshop2, in this should there should be PK-supplies, overloads, sapphire/diamond/bronze boxes, void, 10$-scroll, Ring of the Gods, Blood necklace, Armadyl Crossbow, Toxic staff of the Dead, Demonic Armadyl Godsword, Demonic Spirit shield, staff of light Void pieces 30k bloodmoney Vesta’s-, Statius’-, Zuriel’s-, Morrigan’s pieces 10k bloodmoney Overloads 4k bloodmoney Sapphire boxes 3b 2m bloodmoney Diamond boxes 800m 650k bloodmoney Bronze boxes 300m 200k bloodmoney 10$-scroll 1b 1.3m bloodmoney Ring of the Gods 400m 400k bloodmoney Blood necklace 150m 85k bloodmoney Armadyl Crossbow 400m 250k bloodmoney Toxic staff of the Dead 300m 200k bloodmoney Demonic Armadyl Godsword 350m 250k bloodmoney Demonic Spirit shield 8b 4.5m bloodmoney Staff of Light 20m 30k bloodmoney This is abviously just a draft, but i think i got most of the prices pretty accurate and find the bloodmoney prices quite fair and most definitely grindworthy. Next on my list is: Make the Wildywyrm droptable sexier... The Wildywyrm is the biggest wilderness boss and should have higher tier drops than pegs. And with this done, the droprate of glaiven-, steadfast-, ragefire- boots should be lowered from 1/320 to 1/410 at lavas, besides that the droprate of gold bag should be lowered from 1/40 to 1/50 or 1/60 at lavas. This way there’ll be a small deflation on the server, which should benefit the economy of the server, plus it’ll be more likely that people do actual pvm, instead of no risk/effort lavas. Kept in mind lavas will still be great money making compared to the amount of effort needed. Besides this all the afk fishing, trees and stupid shit should be removed. This does nothing but creates inflation and makes people lazy. There’s literary no reason people should have two accounts afk all day, makes absolutely no sense. -Best regards Sok
  8. Oh and btw, i think that Ring of Bosses should tell you what it has banked, etc drop: 10,400 Coal Ores
  9. I've come up with another thing: Make it possible to search like this etc: ::drop Magic Log It should show all the monsters dropping magic logs, would be a dope mobfinder if you're in need of a special drop
  10. Hello - i started playing here a couple of days ago and i've found a few things that could use a slight rework: - Lava Fire Giant area could be expanded - Money Pouch when got less than 20b could say it in millions - Prestige points shop needs rework. Should add some items for a higher price, that has actual value. Make skilling a thing in Simplicity - Honest opinion.. remove the afk tree and the afk fishing, it just pops off the economy - Reconsider the value of OSRS gp. 1.3 - 1 OMEGALUL -Best regards Sok