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  1. Update post up to over 200 hours now here's my bank and gear currently Gear Main tab (usually sell rune items to gen store) PvM Skilling Drugs Summoning Stuff i will never use but have looted Notes Used i think 8 or 9 ROTG into well.. No ROB yet so boss slayer is still priority Achieved MBP via bossing points (over 2.5k gained in total), korasi via bork Opened 2 sapphire boxes via voting - https://i.gyazo.com/c28f23ed5285d8557e82cfad2d6b4ef9.mp4 Boss pets achieved prime (x2), supreme, bandos, bandos avatar Rarest loots via bosses - Arma hilt, santa (cows), 150+ green bananas, 8 d axe's via DKS, arma skirt, flame gloves (tekton i think) Bosses killed - 650~ DKS (grinded them during bonus events for boss pts), 60 Nex (no rares yet), 70 kree'arra/graador, 80 zammy, 150 kraken, a ton of other slayer bosses between 50-100 kills Achievements Silver - All done (except PvP) Gold - 1 more lottery entry, 49m to well, Nomad, Chaos Ele, 200 cannonballs fired Orange? - Corp, 10m magic damage, 7m melee damage, 4 godswords, 4700 cannonballs, 450 frost bones, 7500 bloods, 3800 scimitars, 4500 rune arrows, 90 kingly imps, 475 steel titans, 800 torstols, 975 rune bars, 500 rocktails, 249m well Black - Onyx, 3700 monsters, 7 more loyalty, 870 glories, 999m well, 4 spirit shields made, Oh and i'm still somehow a hardcore
  2. This is so great, everyone tell players in game to just check this rather than a specific guide! Even i'll have this favourited for when i want to learn other bosses or skill.
  3. So after having a few Nex slayer tasks on my iron in recent days killing about 50 while getting no rare drops not even a magic knife (literally just got one of my last kill lol) i decided to check Nex's drop table. For whatever reason it appears Nex doesn't drop Torva Helm or Virtus Top which should both be key parts of the Nex drop table along with the Zaryte bow, makes it incredibly annoying for irons especially who are unable to obtain the full nex sets. All the other virtus, pernix, torva parts are 1/850 as they should be yet the Pernix cowl is 1/410. Also wouldn't it make sense if Nex could drop items to form the Nex cape just like Raids, Vork, Hydra and Corp?
  4. I like it they essentially are pointless anyway especially past comp cape reqs. Cosmetics or even low tier boxes would be a nice reward.
  5. I sure hope so, the old iron guide i had used on here is atleast a year old i think. With your luck on drops having an ironman would be almost unfair!
  6. Welcome to my iron efficiency guide Basically this will be a bunch of things to do and not to do when creating your ironman or hardcore… Aka a list of stuff I wish I knew when I made my ironman account the first time. All the tips here are based from my experience playing on an iron, if you have anything to add or feel something is wrong or could be better then reply below. – Bonus event (the % orb under your money pouch) – Extremely important for iron accounts as this event gives so many advantages for 1 hour (2.5x XP, 2x vote points, 2x bossing pts, chance to save keys/caskets) If you’re still trying to max then NEVER do these skills outside the bonus event – Summoning, Prayer, Agility (trading tickets), Herblore. Once the bonus event starts use all your lamps/effigies, crystal keys and caskets then ::claimvote. After that use this hour to train your skills until they’re all 99. Maxed? Then take advantage of the double bossing points and go camp an easy boss for pts like slash bash, moles, dks etc… The event also gives 1.5x slayer points so if you don’t have a ring of bosses yet you could always do slayer, I typically leave my slayer task with 1 kill left then complete it at somepoint during the bonus event for extra slayer pts. – Voting – If there is nothing specific you need in the voting store always save up for a sapphire box over any other box, you should be able to get 2 sapphire boxes every 10 days or so just from voting! Also if you’re online alot make sure to ::claimvote when the bonus event + well are both activated for extra vote points, if not just ::claimvote when the well is activated for 2x vote points. You can still vote every 12 hours, just don’t make the mistake of claiming your votes while the well is deactivated (I learnt the hard way….) Sidenote trivia is also a great way to earn lamps to help you max, remember to only use the lamps during the bonus event as mentioned above however. – Slayer – The most important item arguably for any ironman account is obtaining a ring of bosses (ROB) How do you get it? Unless you get lucky at tekton with a 1/900 drop rate you aren’t getting a ROB without the magic well. So that’s where slayer comes in for every 500 slayer points which takes roughly 12 tasks at Sumona you will be able to buy a ring of the gods (ROTG) just throw these into the well until you get a ring of bosses (1/30 chance) – Bossing points – Again extremely important first thing you want to save up for is a toxic blow-pipe which is 500 bossing points. Then you want to save up for a magma blowpipe which is 2000 bossing points however please note if you’ve got a ring of bosses before obtaining 2000 bossing points then camp Zulrah instead of doing boss slayer. If you do not have a MBP by the time you hit 2000 bossing points then FIRST toss your toxic blow-pipe into the well (1/30 chance to turn into MBP) if unsuccessful then buy a MBP from the shop. After MBP is obtained spend all future points on elite combat boxes of your choice they’re the best value at 200 ea, if you're getting near end game then save up for ruby boxes. – ::events – Always check these when you first log in and stop whatever you’re doing to go do Tekton and Ali events which are every 3 and 6 hours respectively. Warmonger is also an option every 30 mins, I don’t prioritize this however as only the top 5 damage dealers get loot. Remember to be extremely careful at tekton and warmonger if you’re a hardcore and never go solo or outside peak times, especially tekton I only teleport there once its under 75% HP. Another event which typically happens everyday around 7am server time is the cows even though It is extremely luck based and costs around 50m cash but you do have the chance to get some amazing rare items aswell as bandos armour, barrows sets, dragon shields (shields and bandos can be thrown into the well for amazing upgrades) Remember any duplicate items you get just throw into the magic well if you’re able to. There is literally no point having more than 1 or a bad version of an item on an iron account. Any other questions or comments just reply here.
  7. Cass

    Completionist Cape Buff

    Agree comp cape should be basically best in slot considering how much effort it takes to actually finish! Or atleast give massive perks to all the skills if you want to keep other capes valueable for bossing, aka maybe make comp cape like ring of bosses for skilling where you loot 2 of everything instead of 1?
  8. Well i recently started playing again and made a new iron except this time hardcores exist, surprisingly i haven't managed to die yet. I ended up maxing my stats in just under 100 hours, i've no clue how much of that time was afk. Next goals are all the comp cape goals and building my bank up aka getting some way better PvM gear as i currently have a rune c'bow as my primary range weapon and d scim for melee lol... I went like 260 Abyssal demons dry and gave them up long ago. My plan is to just do alot of skilling and sumona slayer, spending slayer points on rings of the gods to try get a ring of bosses from the well ASAP, i also spend voting points on elite warrior boxes they seem like the best all round value. My bank basically, a few duplicate items have gone down the well I did manage to get a santa's key at a cows event that i'm keen to use. Thanks for reading 😋
  9. Cass

    Ironman ideas!

    New news to me i didn't even know irons could donate, the grind trying to get all unique items is the best part about being an iron for me. Imo the major fault with this idea is we all know people are smart enough to just grind for specific items easy-ish to obtain then sell to the shop where you can then use that shard currency to buy specific items you need. That's essentially what normal players do with items for coins, the only difference would be we're buying what we desire from NPCs rather than players / POS i think that would hurt the whole ironman game mode or the point of it.
  10. Nice guide, just wondering is it possible to fish rocktails as a non-donator?
  11. Wow congrats. I actually hate you & Zulrah now.
  12. Not bad! I got 2 legendary boxes within about 8k roots when i first joined then made an ult iron which didn't get a single box until 35k roots So i'm guessing 1 box per 10k is about fair?
  13. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here
  14. Possibly maybe if it was dropped 1/900 or so by a very hard boss monster like the ancient wyvern or tarn? If it's going to be better than magma blowpipe.
  15. The money making tasks for skills would be nice something similar to slayer except for any random skill, wouldn't be so tedious training then. I haven't used anything other than regular anti-poison thus far on nex/dks to cure poison so i'm not sure if super anti's work but the anti-venom or possibly antidote++ would be amazing if it isn't already in. It also makes sense that you should never be burning food after 99 cooking.


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