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  1. Wow congrats. I actually hate you & Zulrah now.
  2. Oh wow thankyou this is a lifesaver for me & makes me want to complete achievements that much faster... Just have to figure out how to do glories now because when i turned my dragonstones into glories it didn't progress my achievement. Maxing shouldn't be too difficult i'd say the early smithing grind was the worst & i couldn't be bothered with farming so lamping that & Herblore now that i'm 99 summoning. Thnx i will certainly get void when that day comes up then. In other news i've been out most of the day but managed to get 80 dungeoneering in between warmonger kills (for no luck) will hopefully do the rest of that this afternoon 7 get my first chaotic (figured c'bow makes sense since Zulrah is being a **** with not dropping me a blowpipe. However i did get a very nice item from my voting reward finally after 3 karils coifs in a row!!
  3. Not bad! I got 2 legendary boxes within about 8k roots when i first joined then made an ult iron which didn't get a single box until 35k roots So i'm guessing 1 box per 10k is about fair?
  4. Welcome all i thought i'd start making a G&A thread while logging all my progress to hopefully create some content on these forums while also keeping myself motivated while skilling / PvM'ing. First of all the rules on this account i'm obviously an iron so have to obtain all items myself & i will not be donating, the only possible way i can get items via donating is if i loot one of those $10, $20. $50 scrolls (which are all goals of mine) I've been playing the server just over a week mostly on my iron & occasionally on an alt account which isn't iron that basically does alot of AFK stuff. In this post i'll have a list of start / current / end game goals which i will update probably weekly, however i will also make posts every 2-3 days on any major progress i've gained with screenshots. What do i spend my points on? Trivia points - Lamps atleast until maxed Slayer points - Whatever i need most, next up will be slayer helmet Voting points - Archery box that will be done until Pernix / Twisted Bow so.... Forever CURRENT STATS (31/3) STAT GOALS [X] Achieve max cape [X][X][X][X][X][X] Achieve 2B XP in all combat skills [X] Achieve 2B XP in a non combat skill [21/30] Finish all easy tasks [14/31] Finish all medium tasks [4/32] Finish all hard tasks (will be impossible since i can't nor have ever enjoyed PKing lol) [0/12] Finish all elite tasks After max cape i feel like most of the stuff to do will come from achievements for skilling however i will add more goals to this section if i decide to go for 2b in a certain skill. CURRENT BEST USABLE/RARE 28 ITEMS (31/3) CURRENT PvM GEAR (31/3) Current shortish term item goals are Slayer Helm via slayer Blowpipe / magma from Zulrah Armadyl range armour Pegasians BIG LOOTS SO FAR 2x Eternals 1x Black H'ween 1x Black Santa 1x Dragon Claw ITEM / MONSTER DROP GOALS (I will fix all this up later & add each boss's drops that i want to obtain but for now its like this) [1/1] Obtain Dragon Claws (Legendary mystery box) [0/9] Obtain All Nex Pieces (Torva, Pernix, Virtus from Helm, Body, Legs) [0/?] Loot A Donation Scroll [0/2] Loot Bandos Chest / Tassets [0/3] Loot Armadyl Helm, Chest, Skirt [2/??] Loot Usable / Rare From Legendary Mystery Boxes (Dragon Claws & Abyssal Whip) [0/20] Loot Rare/Very Rare Items From Archery Boxes [0/21] Loot Rare/Very Rare Items From Warrior Boxes [0/19] Loot Rare/Very Rare Items From Wizard Boxes [0/6] Obtain All Barrows Sets [3/4] Karil (Bow to go) [0/4] Verac [0/4] Ahrim [0/4] Dharok [0/4] Guthan [0/4] Torag [0/6] Loot Zulrah Rare/Very Rares [0/7] Loot Corporeal Beast Rare/Very Rares [0/15] Loot Vorkath Rare/Very Rares [3/15] Loot Rare/Very Rare Items From Warmonger (Black H'ween, Black Santa, Eternals obtained) [1/12] Loot Rare/Very Rare Items From Ali (Eternals obtained) [0/15] Loot All 1/850 Chance Olm Items [0/7] Loot All 1/155 or 1/320 Chance Olm Items AFK Events [0/0] Obtain 100k Stardust [0/0] Obtain 100k Evil Tree Roots [0/6] Obtain 100k Wasterfish [0/6] Obtain 100k Stackable Herbs [0/6] Obtain 100k Magic Roots BOSSES KILLED THUS FAR 69x Zulrah 35x Dagannoth Supreme 35x Dagannoth Rex 26x Slash Bash 10x Dagannoth Prime 9x Vorkath
  5. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here
  6. Possibly maybe if it was dropped 1/900 or so by a very hard boss monster like the ancient wyvern or tarn? If it's going to be better than magma blowpipe.
  7. The money making tasks for skills would be nice something similar to slayer except for any random skill, wouldn't be so tedious training then. I haven't used anything other than regular anti-poison thus far on nex/dks to cure poison so i'm not sure if super anti's work but the anti-venom or possibly antidote++ would be amazing if it isn't already in. It also makes sense that you should never be burning food after 99 cooking.
  8. Great updates especially the finding items with bosses/monsters who drop them is so helpful for us irons & making potions disappear after they're finished is so helpful.
  9. This is actually annoying i've been camping Zulrah praying for one of the 1/900 Zulrah blowpipe drops, i think this was my 2nd kill maybe of the warmonger (doesn't say in log) & i got a 1/900 useless unusable (considering i'm an iron) black santa.. Also it seems someone else got a 1/900 drop during the same kill. EDIT - I'm beginning to think the boss drop table is broken or i'm just super lucky with it as i got Eternals the next kill lol they are kind of useless since i don't think i've ever seen anyone maging for PvM in this game i suppose but still... EDIT AGAIN - 2 kills later black h'ween i'm not sure what this is lol is it this common from warmonger for everyone? Starting to wish i wasn't an iron Enough editing i did get some more eternals on my first Ali drop too might aswell start my own drop log..
  10. I've noticed the majority on here are PvMers/skillers etc seems like that kind of server the only pking that seems to happen is by people killing PvMers lol & when the boss killers do get attacked they get really salty in the clan chat
  11. Support for making the skilling / prestige store more relevant. Or just add skilling points while skilling then be able to spend those points in a "skilling" shop. As an iron i do enjoy the fact we can get imbued rings, ranger sets, fury, mystery boxes etc from skilling... I do imagine for regular accounts they're seen as junk however.
  12. Ello everyone thought i'd make an introduction. Why am i here? Basically where i live we're currently in the middle of one of the slowest moving cyclones ever it's not really strong anymore but i haven't been able to go outside for near 2 days now due to red alert crap, probably can't for another 1-2 days still so i got bored last night & decided to find a new game to play to pass the time while praying the power wouldn't be turned off due to flooding. RS/PS history - I originally learnt to play the game from lets say an old friend & older brothers like 10 years ago back in high school, after that i got into many different private servers years later whenever i was sick / bored at home i use to play alot maybe a server once or twice a year, i end up playing for a few weeks/months at a time but usually they end up closing or something. My life - For work i pretty much worked at the movies the last 10 years while living in the city (Melbourne), these days since moving i'm either pet-sitting or working at a day-care during the days (surprisingly good money at a regional place where like 90% of the people up here end up working near the mines for the big money). Summer just finished up here where it's like 40+ Celsius every single day i think that's about 110 in american language which is crazy for someone that grew up on the opposite cold corner or Australia. I binge watch movies/tv series way too often otherwise i'm usually listening to music / watching random stuff on youtube most days since there is literally no night life up here. Also i have a pet kitty called Lenny, we plan to buy another soon & call it Carl. Onto this server now - I enjoy seeing how far i can progress without buying/trading/donating for items that's why i've made ironman-ultimate ironman accounts, however i don't mind donating to help the server i enjoy playing, i just don't like purely paying for items ingame or gambling etc... Ultimately i enjoy this server so far with the skilling & PvM aspects alot. I'm usually very active on the forums i love talking to new people, will probably make guides & such once i learn more about this game it would be nice if there was a little more "noob friendly" information in the guides section but i'm working my way decently so far eg. Where we can obtain certain items. This info i'll probably add to a G&A thread later but oh well may aswell post here - So far i've got 99 in the combat stats, mining, nearly woodcutting, decent slayer... I got Dragon boots luckily i think from a voting box, then as i went to sleep last night i left my person at the AFK tree where i ended up with about 6k of those roots +2 of the (purple?) boxes & luckily (i think) as i then got dragon claws & a whip from the 2 boxes after obtaining a fire cape which is near perfect items to get for an ironman who was chilling with a dragon scimitar until that point. I was then talking to some friendly people today they suggested making another account to just sit at the fish people or AFK tree while you're playing your main account, so i did that with an ultimate iron-man which has literally been chilling at the AFK tree most of the evening, early on i got the beaver pet at 57 woodcutting.... Box luck not so good i'm over 8.5k magic roots in without a box yet. *Just as i was about to post i got a rock golem pet while at the shooting star* Which i now managed to ranger boots / robin hat & amulet of fury from which is very helpful for an early ironman. Anyway way too much rambling my goal is to obtain as many pets / unique items as possible on my ironman & get max levels/prestige once i figure out how that all works without donating or trading (obviously).