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  1. great idea easy to add to
  2. Yeah this is a great suggestion but i think it needs to be capped at some point like OLM extra i get 4 as a diamond imagine double and olm isnt really difficult.
  3. Matt


    welcome mate, hit me up if you need help with anything
  4. Matt


    Welcome buddy, let me know if you need help with anything =]
  5. Great updates and great post justin
  6. Good idea for a filter system.
  7. Yeah but then ring of wealth would have to be more value.
  8. Matt

    Teleporting in wild

    I think you should be able to tele but when you tele you can still get hit.
  9. Matt

    Prayer Draining

    Ithink prayer is fine how it is.
  10. Matt

    Item Sets

    Support I hate gearing on eco's bank is always so messy
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