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  1. Matt

    Nice guide a lot of pictures and detail.
  2. Matt

    great idea easy to add to
  3. Matt

    well done mate, must of took you a while to get them all down
  4. Matt

    Owner Arthur - Great owner tbf one of the absolute best Supreme- havent had many conversations with him but ive heard he does alot of behind the scenes coding and stuff so a good job. Co-Owner Kevin - where do i start with kevin, the #1 no one can compare to kevin ,simply the best willing to help always and always does a good job when hes online always active. Manager Dutch dutch is the perfect server manager for this server active and cares about the community. Lewis - OLDSCHOOL havent had alot of conversations since returning but always done a good job Global Administrator -THIS RANK SHOULD BE KHALIDS Administrator Justin -Havent had many conversations with him probably different time zones Khalid- great seeing him do what he does always pleasing the community to the best of his abilitys, always helped when needed to first to reply. Athos Havent had many conversations with him probably different time zones Mak3 Havent had many conversations with him probably different time zones Global Moderator Bigzy -Havent had many conversations with him probably different time zones,but ive heard great things and hes active as hell Moderator Rapiid ags Shiftynex Server Support Nealth - nealth is a great guy always worked hard when we wear staff together previously and im sure he'll continue the same attitude Trial Support Bernard - well its a trial lets see ;] Forum Manager - Forum Moderator
  5. Matt

    Yeah this is a great suggestion but i think it needs to be capped at some point like OLM extra i get 4 as a diamond imagine double and olm isnt really difficult.
  6. Matt

    welcome mate, hit me up if you need help with anything
  7. Matt


    Welcome buddy, let me know if you need help with anything =]
  8. Matt

    Great updates and great post justin
  9. Matt

    Good idea for a filter system.
  10. Matt

    Yeah but then ring of wealth would have to be more value.
  11. Matt

    Owner Arthur Supreme Co-Owner Kevin Manager Dutch Lewis Global Administrator Justin Athos Administrator Khalid Mak3 Global Moderator Bigzy Rapiid ags Moderator Shiftynex Cody Server Support Bernard Pixie Joe Trial Support AdamR Forum Manager - Forum Moderator -
  12. Matt

    I think you should be able to tele but when you tele you can still get hit.
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