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  1. Honest question, NOT TRYING TO STAB AT RELIGION HERE THO OK PLS NO HATE ME :'( What if Jesus was actually black? I mean for real, we are going off the opinions of who ever writes in the bible but they wernt ever there? Imagine tho a black jesus think of how cool it would be especially when people say jesus is my nibba or someething along thoes lines, it just gets me thinking ya know?
  2. looks sick, how much do you charge graphics wise
  3. i hit a zulrah drop the other day, was just a green tanz helm, good stuff tho! keep the grind up and get thoes boots
  4. that sounds sick! but its not up to me to name it. that decision lies within the development team
  5. Thanks Foly, Thanks Cass, Im glad to be here
  6. thanks man! glad someone likes it
  7. My Goals: Get top donor rank without spending a single cent Get best tbow in game Learn all the methods possible for money My Achievments: I got the fire cape Ive once had a Justiciar helm I have had the magma bp and the reg bp I got the frost dragon pet
  8. Hello everyone, My name is Makingbank/Request, Or you can call me Chris I've been a part of the rsps community since i was like 13 so quite some time and by far this is one of my favourites, So many nice people. I guess I should start this introduction with the fact Im canadian eh? I just want to get known on the server and learn all the content and become well respected by my fellow rsps players. Thank you to everyone who's been so kind to me I cant thank you enough, If you see me in game hit me up with a pm or something, Dont be shy I only bit a little bit :3 Cheers
  9. but yeah 1/900 is ok, but the other 2 bp are 1-900 if its gonna be good it should be 1-950
  10. I mean, it isnt ment to be over powered like the dark tbow but higher forsure then the magma bp
  11. I know the magma blowpipes fantastic, for beginners but how about an upgrade to that? just to make it a little more worthy of having a blowpipe Ladies and Gentleman I present to you "Dark Toxic Blowpipe"


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