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    I can back this, Would make some things easier and is a good feature to have quicker than right clicking and then all.
  2. Thanks for the welcome Alb pleasure to be apart of the team!
  3. Hey players of Simplicity, I've been here just over a month now and as a Diamond donator am enjoying the benefits included, my only suggestion would be the potential of looking into the addition of a "Diamond Zone" for Diamond donators+. The first thing When donating to the server was the obvious addition to ::di which has some beginner bosses there which is useful for some of the early game achievements/pet grinds. however with the next zone being at $1000 ( ::szone ) and of course its nice to see this server have the ability of gaining ranks via in game money as well as donations I feel that the half way point of $500 would be a good early point with some upgrades from ::di maybe like some mid tier bosses (Zulrah Hydra Nex maybe even some Ancient wyverns alone without the long-tailed variant something to look forward to half way through the grind to sapphire and something to keep the encouragement to continue the graft for further progression through the ranking. I'd appreciate any and all feedback or even add-ons the the suggestion mentioned I just feel. Diamond Donator YTMillsey
  4. I'm a diamond donator but should I get to the stage of being crystal it would be nice to look forward to it, I'm aware of dawn being there and some other NPC's and I agree where you're coming from I think even Diamond should get a zone or even some extra reward as its a $500 total but I definitely think that Crystal being as high up there as it is should get some of the biggest benefits out there I don't know much about the area but I do think it should give the Crystal donators a reason to spend time there more than other places. Hopefully this becomes something that gets a boost I'm sure other Crystal donors could give there feedback on the zone.
  5. Hey buddy welcome to Simplicity if you love ranking up and gaining items this is by far the server for you I also enjoy gaining items and rising through the ranks within a week I've done that and still grinding ever need anything feel free to pm me in game!
  6. Hey Everyone I'm Gavin or YTMillsey as known in-game. I'm from the UK 25 married with 2 kids and a 3rd on the way, It's been a while since I touched an RSPS with the last one being my own in 2016 when I had lost the care for Runescape in general. I slowly got back into playing OSRS and that seems to be going well (all things said I haven't played that for 7 months but still) it got me back to thinking of rsps and servers I used to remember that no longer run and found this server. I'm not normally one who will choose a single server to play as with some I just get bored to the point of losing interest but this server seems different with the amount of events that happen on a daily basis and is thriving with possibilities for the future of the community and that I'm interested in seeing. So many ranks here to Achieve and I like that unlike most they are not locked behind a paywall and that any and all players can over time achieve the high donator ranks though just general play time, I've been here just over a week and have already accumulated over a 120 hours player time and with the Master achievement system keeping me busy I can see that hitting a 1000 hours easily. I hope to see many of you in-game and I wish you all the best of luck in your simplicity journey. -YTMillsey (Gavin)
  7. Account Name: YTMillsey Screenshot of the account when created: END OF EVENT ONLY Screenshot of skill tab (must be full client screenshot): END OF EVENT ONLY Scrrenshot of your playtime (must be full client screenshot):


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