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  1. Interesting, i feel like we should be able to toggle certain drops so that they dont go into our bank
  2. I agree on all of these suggestions. Maby a higher drop rate for armadyl>pernix since armadyl is easier to obtain
  3. Agreed, I've seen this on a couple of rsps'. real handy
  4. Welcome man! Hope you'll like this one
  5. I love the drop scroll concept, would love to see it get implemented
  6. Welcome Sean!
  7. (May get edited) 1. Make overloads restore 500 health when it runs out 2. Make us be able to decate potions 1,2 and 3 dosed, makes herblore easier 3. Make it so we can actually make flasks, would be nice for iron men and non donators 4. Fix "open pos" delay 5. Make sumona be able to assign every boss in the game 6. Fix the 2nd patch at farming 7. Make luring hydra smoother please 8. Add summoning specials.. 9. make it so you dont have to click "take" any item 20 times with auto retaliate on 10. make it so your bank doesnt reset whenever u bank an item thats located in one of your other bank tabs, this is quite annoying for whenever im opening caskets and such 11. Make blowpipe specs heal you for 25% of the dmg dealt 12. fix getting stuck at hydra, and not just in the fire 13. add ::afk button maybe?
  8. Are you bored?
  9. I think sumona should be able to assign every boss on the boss teleports. Hydra, tarn & jad. I also dont think sumona assigns barrelchest anymore
  10. Hi!

  11. Agreed. would make it a little faster to get onto the next raid
  12. I've got a rune full helm (t)
  13. Couple suggestions 1. Add go back button to pos shops 2. make sara brews/flasks work with full nex sets. it currently doesnt 3. add clue scroll count in chat 4. add bosses/raids killcount in chat 5. add elite clues to ::getdrop 6. make "operate" on blowpipes work for checking amount of darts 7. Make brutal green dragons drop 2 d bones 8. Make it so you dont have to wait for the full death animation @ barrows. I've had alot of times where i climb the staircase too early and i have to kill it again 9. Maby add combat boxes to bossing point shop 10. FIX COMBAT DUMMY CLICK BOX!! 11. make ::zulrah command at zulrah 12. add 1 or 2 extra slash bashes 13. fix quick-prayers please, its really buggy 14. make it so you have the option to decant pots into any dose, this makes making extreme pots easier 15. make us be able to make flasks, this will also include overload flasks
  14. This took me about 2 months of afking The loot is in order but excludes a couple of whips and and 1 pair of dragon claws 500k magic roots equals 900m cash upload