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  1. pretty accurate, i would change some prices tho. gold mbox 250-350m sapphire 10-14b ruby 35-40b celestial 50-60b a piece sagittarian 10-12b a piece dark tbow 135-150b fire tbow 300-250b clay set 180-200b party hats 10-15b angelic cape 600b-1trill depends on seller well done, nice thread
  2. hey johnson, welcome bud hope you enjoy the server, hmu ingame if you need some help @ thalite
  3. A new gold bag with a better cash reward or something that wont affect the prices of some ''easier'' bosses that new players grow a bank on.
  4. 1. adding new and better rewards to the wildywyrm to encourage some people to actually kill it, a new weapon? ruby boxes? something to make people want to kill it. 2. MAKE REV GEAR NOT DEGRADE IT HAS NO VALUE. oh sry caps 3. Teleport to target scroll for x ammount of bloodmoney. 4. Just taking it up again, sapphire zone needs a upgrade of any kind. 5. a new magic X version of a weapon ? 6. A demonic version of dragon claws would be a thing maybe idk. 7. i know onyx+ donaters should get some benefits and perks, but adding the nex gear and spiritshields to their table dropped the prices to ground 0, nex and corp is barely worth for new players cause you can just buy it for a ridiculous low price. let me know what you think in the comments, thanks and goodluck on your drops
  5. sweet, wont remember the thread but i've read it anyway