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  1. Great update lads got an exceptional dev team some great things happening ❤️
  2. I believe this would be a great idea and a good boost for people looking for that next rank because it would be something they are looking forward to working towards and achieving knowing that they will be rewarded only thing is there are so many different key type chests already with most items obtainable within them it would be hard to suit this to peoples expectations of certain donation ranks because u could not just overfill the best items within the chests u have to have quite a lot of fill items or the items what are in the chests would just loose value to fast and then would just be useless after awhile
  3. yeah i do agree with the melee based items not everyone can afford 70b+ for a scythe and next best is g rapier what no-one uses a big drop in stats also i believe lower melee weapons do need a buff i would like to see a donor zone upgrades also like stated in quite a few other topics
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