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  1. I think it takes away from that being the point of the cape. I feel like the requirements should be your dedication to the server. Nothing extra... Just my opinion on it.
  2. Heya peeps, I'm officially closing in on my 1-year with this server reopening with Rees/Arthur. I thought it would be a great idea to add a 1-Year simplicity cape (untradeable of course) and be creative make it look nice! Something that people would want to get (stat resembling one of the bosses cape) and makes others want to get it too! I don't know however you end up doing it with or without stats..., it would be a great addition. Thanks, Fastneasy P.S. 26 days till I'm at 1-year
  3. I think we've moved passed the "better than nothing" case, don't get me wrong I appreciate everything you are doing, but some things doesn't make sense to me... Such as what's the point in overload flasks being a rare drop for npc's? (1/320) you can buy overloads in donator item shop? Is it a way to make it more difficult for individuals to get drops from those specific npc's? Also wouldn't you want people to go kill certain npcs in the wilderness (skeletal mystic, and scorpia) more, by potentially increasing drop rate in the wilderness to make it more active? (Just feel like more thought should have went in/ into cases like this)
  4. Great Updates!, no offense but that $1000 donation just to activate the orb... doesn't it seem kind of steep for additional benefits only for a certain period of time?
  5. Hey all, I know superior pets are the best thing in the world, and obtaining one can be quiet challenging, or maybe you have a "favorite" pet that you personally want to make superior. Why not all pets be able to become superior. Before you jump at me wait..., there is some stipulation. The easier pets maybe certain skill pets or rock crab... Pets that are easier become more expensive to make superior suppose "150b cash" Those that are a little more difficult but not the usual sup pets. Sort of like boss pets of zilyana, kree' arra, bandos, etc. at "100b cash" And keep the usually three superior pets scrolls at "50b ea" (The prices can be determined by you all by your best judgement) But this gives opportunities for everyone to make superior pets and use specific ones they would like to use. (Now I understand that pets for some of these are random and they aren't part of the drop list such as skilling pets... because of that reason alone it's okay to bump up the price of making it superior.) Also imagine someone walking around with a superior rock crab... Another possible suggestion for this could be completely changing what each superior pet could do. Like if you obtain a rock golem spend 50b to make it superior. It will increase your mining speed my 55% or something like that, or the rift guardian becomes a superior pet you get quadruple the runes back of whichever one you are crafting specifically. Nice little incentive to get pets and a little more incentive to make them into superior pets. Would love to hear your opinions on this!
  6. Also let's have a confirmation of what we are going to buy that way it prevents someone from spending their money on something they did not intend to buy. Sort of like the trivia shop that tell us "are you sure you want to buy x5 dragon kin lamps". This works sort of like a safe guard from people accidently buying an item that's maybe overpriced...such as something could have cost 1000m but the individual may have thought it was only 100m.
  7. I would 100% never support anything dealing with rs3.... but since the game mechanics are not involved in this case, and it's implementing the potential for new bosses along with new items not "custom" items. I kind of can back this option up. But again I feel like this boss should be available for anyone to fight "NOT" just a certain donator rank.
  8. Yeah pets used to be tradable not anymore. Especially since it defeats the purpose for working towards them. Those pet drops are nice! Though I do want to argue that all pets should be able to become superior... Ill probably post more details about this suggestion later on.
  9. +1 this! Especially since the cost of these sets used to be 100m in the donator store. Since it's been taken out..., why not make this another money making method especially for those individuals starting up!
  10. LETS MAKE THIS A THING AGAIN! IF WE CAN GET THE ADMINS ON BOARD! Instead of just hosting ffa events why not host a Castle Wars event!?
  11. Don't mean this in any wrong way..., However I think its time to rework the old bosses. They need updated items especially such as "Giant mole, slash bash, Bork, kraken, bandos avatar, etc. Lets make pvming fun for everyone! And actually worth it. It seems most people can't cross the bridge from a non-donator to a donator. I understand gambling is one of the main ways people can move up. However also make it entering to those whom are big on pvming. Maybe adding the potential of a "rare drop" of $10 scrolls added to each of those bosses. This gives the incentive for those individuals to move up the chain also, and if its not $10 scrolls maybe use something else... Make it worth killing those old bosses.
  12. ?
  13. Hey everyone, Maybe this isn't just me..., but you can't get super defensive when someone bring up the outrageous claims you bring up as a staff member. You're a good friend of mine but really you were about to make a pk-free zone in wildy just to find wildywyrm. Honestly if you want to do that there are many other alternative ways of doing that rather than making the entire wildy a PK free zone.... My personal opinion, but most other staff members wouldn't go that far. You personally could've formed a group yourself or used your clan "PBS" to go help search for the wildywyrm… But its not cool to abuse your staff powers by jailing people whom would kill those players that are in wilderness that are helping your cause out... that's not how wildy works. Just my opinion, Fastneasy
  14. >.>
  15. Hey all!, So everyone knows the 500 hit count on rev gear before they degrade completely. Which is fine. I believe this should be just secluded for wilderness purposes only however outside of wilderness it should either have a higher hit count or not degradable at all when killing npcs. Main reason for this is that most people usually go from bandos to vesta/statius or arma to morrigans, or ahrims to zuriels. Before they start upgrading towards nex gear. However once the well added bandos upgrading to torva gear. It sort of eliminated the use of rev gear completely. Also allowing bandos to jump to torva it also brought down the price of mid-tier gear which is rev gear in this case. So with others thoughts/opinions on this I believe we should have an update on rev gear so that players can slowly upgrade from low-tier to mid-tier to high-tier weapons/armor? Thanks, - Fastneasy