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  2. Hey all!, So everyone knows the 500 hit count on rev gear before they degrade completely. Which is fine. I believe this should be just secluded for wilderness purposes only however outside of wilderness it should either have a higher hit count or not degradable at all when killing npcs. Main reason for this is that most people usually go from bandos to vesta/statius or arma to morrigans, or ahrims to zuriels. Before they start upgrading towards nex gear. However once the well added bandos upgrading to torva gear. It sort of eliminated the use of rev gear completely. Also allowing bandos to jump to torva it also brought down the price of mid-tier gear which is rev gear in this case. So with others thoughts/opinions on this I believe we should have an update on rev gear so that players can slowly upgrade from low-tier to mid-tier to high-tier weapons/armor? Thanks, - Fastneasy
  3. I agree all donator areas should be buffed but that also includes bronze and silver. This goes back to kooda's comment on revamping donator zone as a whole. Just to make it more appealing for anyone who has donator status to go there. As of right now most of the npc's there aren't farmed as much however making certain points in donator zone a multizone compared to outside of donator zone would significantly attract larger crowds mainly for slayer task purposes. Also I believe multiple bosses of certain ones could be added. Such as skotizo, and bandos avatar. Adding maybe 1 or 2 more would be great! But overall yes everything should have a revamp (i'm also a new onyx rank and was extremely hyped about finally reaching ohall and exploring just to be disappointed I also feel unfortunate to those who did pay $1k-$2k irl to get there... a revamp of that area will be great to see too) I know this takes a lot of time and its easier said than done but with the rate arthur is releasing these updates im just excited to see what else is upcoming and new, which could possibly be the revamping of this!
  4. That is absolutely great work! And yes have my full support behind that creation! Killer!
  5. That's how i felt when i threw my full torva and virtus in the beginning. Except i didnt get a single item. LOL But nice to see you taking a chance
  6. LOVE SEEING THESE UPDATES BY YOU!!! Even though time and time again i hit heads with you about updates you seem to never disappoint at releasing an update. If anyone ever calls you out on not showing server some love. I'll be sure to debate with them like I did earlier with a person (I shouldnt name him lol). Besides that I can't fully agree ill stop with the feedback of things i may not like. But one things for sure you're showing more compassion for this server than i've seen from any other previous owner! Keeping doing great work bud!
  7. Hey everyone!, So based on this earlier discussion dragonkin lamps should be tradeable to other players, or even should be able to sell back to the store at donator island. Only reason being is that suppose you're maxed and are not looking to get 2b xp in any skills. First it already cost 100m to get from di shop. And usually you do get effigy's from npc drops, most people are not seeking to achieve 2b xp. So I believe either make an update where donators can sell back to druid in donator island for a cheaper price or just make it where its tradeable between other players. This would also allow more cash flow through the game! Just an idea let me hear some other opinions on this! Thanks, Fastneasy
  8. Awesome glad to see more additions coming along too! Great work keep up the great updates!
  9. Hey everyone!, So we all know the superior pets have that soulsplit ability which does help a ton for those players that aren't ruby+. Anyways with these skilling pets in game I feel like they should get a buff to them. By allowing players to get double or triple of the specific item they are gather. Specifically when they are fishing, mining, or woodcuitting they must have that specific pet in use. (will not work with goldtree, fishing spot north of edge bank, or that Christmas afk tree.) Also this addition could be added to runecrafting, thieving, etc. Just an idea let me know your thoughts! Thanks, P.S. If you do decide to add this addition and want to place it in the donator item shop like you did to the superior pets. ***Please price them reasonably.*** Fastneasy
  10. Scythe of vitur X is a "limited christmas item", and afk "christmas" tree... its march of 2019 LMAO...
  11. Hey everyone!, So yeah Max/master capes in the donator item shop. I feel like they need more addition to them for each specific skill. Could potentially increase the speed of making certain items. Also the fact they are in the donator item shop is kind of pointless. I feel like you should have it where if a specific player achieves 2 billion exp in said skill they could potentially buy that skill cape and you can even price it at 1 billion coin value. This way you're enticing individuals to grind out that specifically skill. This second suggestion is just a speculation right now would love other opinions on both! What if you added a prestige cape? We all know about the prestige shop and the rewards that come from it, however what if you made a cape that only a person who has reached 2 billion exp on each skill and the only way to obtain the cape is if you reset all those all stats at "once" by talking to the prestige shop owner. (Prestige cape should have tons of benefits for each skill) I feel like this would also give a fresh new start to the hiscores and allow other individuals to really grind in-game, it will also allow individuals that are already experienced to grind for that specific cape. Again would love to hear others opinion on both of these! Thanks, Fastneasy
  12. Looks like its been the same size would still like to see more added into it.
  13. I agree the stock up on items needs to go up some stores are just lacking in the amount of supplies they carry. Specifically donator zone too the extreme potions and overloads only have 10 items of each... Or the rune shop only carries 20k of each rune. I understand it restocks itself 1k at a time. But when you have active players looking to consistently buy runes it gets kinda irritating knowing that the shop isn't carrying any runes since the person before you may have bought them all out.
  14. Awesome he's looking into it! But yes i completely agree the rocktail fishing spot should be located in the fishing teleport for all players not just donators.
  15. Hey everyone!, Just wanted your thoughts on this. With the new recent update it shows a timer on how long the extra exp will last or basically how long the double exp is lasting... Anyways the suggestion I had was what if we added a timer for when the overload runs out. (i know it tells us through the chat box but when you're not fully involved and miss it you have to watch your stats and re-pot again) I feel like a helpful timer would be easier to detect, I don't it's just a small suggestion. The other things that would be nice is a timer for ice barrage, teleblocks, and vengeance like osbuddy has. Would love to hear everyone's opinion on this! Thanks, Fastneasy