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  1. I agree the stock up on items needs to go up some stores are just lacking in the amount of supplies they carry. Specifically donator zone too the extreme potions and overloads only have 10 items of each... Or the rune shop only carries 20k of each rune. I understand it restocks itself 1k at a time. But when you have active players looking to consistently buy runes it gets kinda irritating knowing that the shop isn't carrying any runes since the person before you may have bought them all out.
  2. Awesome he's looking into it! But yes i completely agree the rocktail fishing spot should be located in the fishing teleport for all players not just donators.
  3. I can agree with the last one..., The first one Pie eater and I tested it out if you just protect from melee it doesn't even hit that high, and for the next one you're just being lazy if you can't run to lava dragons it's not that far of a run from greater demons.
  4. Hey everyone!, Just wanted your thoughts on this. With the new recent update it shows a timer on how long the extra exp will last or basically how long the double exp is lasting... Anyways the suggestion I had was what if we added a timer for when the overload runs out. (i know it tells us through the chat box but when you're not fully involved and miss it you have to watch your stats and re-pot again) I feel like a helpful timer would be easier to detect, I don't it's just a small suggestion. The other things that would be nice is a timer for ice barrage, teleblocks, and vengeance like osbuddy has. Would love to hear everyone's opinion on this! Thanks, Fastneasy
  5. Hey sorry i posted the wrong thing anyways..., it seems as if your hidden files aren't showing up if you see me in-game or on discord shoot me a pm ill try to help you through it.
  6. That's cool!, but i'd still be cautious..., idk how well the rob will help in gambling your items down a well. At that point i'd just go staking with it
  7. Umm can we get no namer to see this I want to see his reaction
  8. These are great suggestions ^^, however I believe we should also change edit the shop in dungeoneering as of right now it doesn't provide any new armor sets, and possibly the dungeoneering cape as an achievement. Armor sets as in primal placed into the game would be a great addition! (kooda made this suggestion earlier) and if they need to be priced near primal rapier it's fine. It ensures people to grind out dungeoneering to obtain the set. And the dungeoneering cape I know its considered to be one of the best in-game (not sure after the addition of vorkath/raids) but it should definitely be added to the dungeoneering store kinda of weird that you don't obtain it from completing the skill itself. However you could put a ridiculous set of token amount for the cape in store just so people can grind for that as well. I believe it would promote grinding for dungeoneering more. (also wouldn't look so bad wearing that and primal for all the fashionscape people out there)
  9. This is an awesome idea!, we definitely should revamp this skill instead of directly thieving for bananas and such it gives a chance for players to explore simplicity and try thieving in a different form. I like the idea of attaining different types of loot that would help in-game overall so you aren't always just thieving for coins. Overall a great idea would like to see an update on this!
  10. Great update needed more drops to these npc's great job!
  11. I know the chances look great but be cautious in testing your luck I've lost full trova, full virt, 2 extra virt tops and a bunch of other things down that well. However I have seen others win items out of there. Just be cautious is all I'm saying lol
  12. I think overall we should just make the wildy a safe zone. This way we can avoid any conflict that is presented and if a player whom does want to engage in some combat that they should visit the duel arena. I believe we should promote this more like osrs which gives a fair playing field to both individuals, and allow more skillers and pvmers to explore the wild. Which in turn could also help our player count grow on the server .
  13. Hey that's a very cool video. 100 players online are they all active? it seems as if majority of them love to hang around the tree @ 4:53-5:03. Also can you show us a tour of the new donator zone? Im sure all of us are wondering what's its like around the new 3k donated zone. (Still debating whether I should pay my rent or invest 2500 more into the server.) @ 8:35 the answer is karamel in case you were wondering. Also @10:24 there aren't that many people there... I mean with a 100 people active and only 5 people killing that warmonger kinda implies it's a dead server. Though overall it's a great video! I'd give you that 3k donated rank for free given how detailed your video was, kudos to you! (SIDE SIDE NOTE: It's not a +$200 giveaway.. The boxes are 2 donator points each so if calculated correctly it only totals out to $150... then again if you're going for a clickbait title I understand.)
  14. Best method would be what majority of the server likes to do sit afk at the edgeville bank area. And if you feel like making money in the process just cut the Christmas tree at edgeville and come back every 6-8 hours to switch your positions to the next spawned tree. That way your maximizing your loyalty points while also getting money from not even being on the computer.
  15. I completely disagree i believe wildy should completely be a safe zone so that everyone can go bossing in the wildy. This is the best solution, and if you are in need of killing another player i believe the safest bet would be the duel arena. I've seen countless of times players dying in the wilderness just after they've donated which is so unfair. So the best resolution I can think of would be just making the entire osrs map a friendly safe zone. (Day Care Center!) It'll be great! and it will promote more pvming. Because we not only need donators but we need a good player count to be maintained and to be honest wilderness pking is destroying it.