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  1. Flee

    Good stuff! =]
  2. Flee

    Nice video man, glad to see more videos coming to the server!
  3. Flee

    +1 I would definitely go for this
  4. Flee

    Welcome! Hope to see you in-game.
  5. Flee

    I agree, if the points were raised then those items are actually a great idea. Besides the overloads and rocktails, those seem fair. But I'd rather leave it up to @Arthur to see what he'd put in the shop.
  6. Flee

    Slayer is not worth doing at the moment unless you are an iron-man, even then it's not that great. Adding some high tier items to the shop could be good, to have a mainly pvm community and have a slayer shop that is not worth buying anything from is kinda of weird. It needs some sort of buff.
  7. Flee

    I mean it doesn't have to be exactly like this, just something similar. Clue scrolls are kinda eh atm, so having the chance to fight a boss for some rewards would be cool.
  8. Flee

    It would be very cool for a clue scroll boss to be added. You could add a reward for example: "Clue Scroll boss teleport" obviously not that name but whatever name the boss would be given. Only from Hard/Elite clues so it is more rare And the very rare drops could be like Santa Hats etc.
  9. Flee

    This was pretty helpful for when me an my friend first started, thanks for this!
  10. Flee

    Nice Will be going for 1m
  11. Flee

    This breaks my heart D:
  12. Flee

    This would be a very nice addition, and it would definitely help staff members.
  13. Flee

    Great update, thanks!
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