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  1. kevin currence

    will im not going to write all of this so for all the staff members are so great they stop what they are doing just to help some one out and for the owners rees and supreme are so great to the guys and girls that play simplicity and for kevin hes one of a kind he goes out of his away to help when he can
  2. dam nice guys keep up the good work :)
  3. kevin currence

    nice job guys keep up the good work
  4. kevin currence

    nice guys good work
  5. kevin currence

    im not a gambler but it would be nice to see a better place for sure
  6. kevin currence

    one hell of a guy he is
  7. omg I love it you guys did a great job :)
  8. kevin currence

    nice keep up the good work
  9. kevin currence

    nice work bro
  10. kevin currence

    in game name earl
  11. kevin currence

    nice one man
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