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  1. How do you obtain the Undead Chicken outfit and the Pyromancer outfit?
  2. You forgot the Crawling Hand pet!
  3. Howdy
  4. Please no wings or that stuff. Reminds me too much of another silly server. Theres already the Volcanic Whip dropped by King Kurask, so need for a Lava Whip. That would just be redundant. However I always thought something like a Icy Whip would be a cool drop to add to something like Bandos Avatar or Glacors.
  5. You may be right, or you may be wrong. I am not sure. I know some of the hits are a bit incorrect though. I am just curious where the calculator you used is from and if that has any factor into giving a correct or wrong response in regards to hits on this server.
  6. Legend. Thanks
  7. I must say I was disappointed to find out that the Drake npc doesn't drop OVO Necklaces. And there was a missed opportunity to make a good reference by having there be a message when you die to Drake it would say "If you're reading this it's to late" instead of the usual oh dear you have died thing. But in all seriousness, very nice update. The new npcs are very fun to kill. One of the best updates we have ever had I think.
  8. No eco reset, thats silly. And I think if you did do an eco reset, if you give back all these donor pts you basically end up 1/3 of the way back to where you were before the eco reset, making the reset pointless.
  9. Just teleport to Camelot via teletabs or by going to low lvl Woodcutting teleport and heading east. Head to Catherby and continue east a short distance and you will see the fishing building. There you should see some spots to fish Rocktails. If you have any problems finding the spot, I have included a video that guides your to the spot. https://youtu.be/aBSidscaZHo
  10. The drop log dropoff, a monster drop sticky. A monster drop is classified as any item obtained directly from killing an npc or can also include raid loot. No comment on any drop should be made on the sticky, just via PM - this includes questions and similar, you can PM those who get the drops directly and ask them things from there
  11. I like the idea for the notification for casket drops. I also like the rare drop log history being public.I also like the idea of adding a section in highscores for the amount of kills for all the different seperate bosses that are listed in our Boss Kills logs. I think that would be really neat to compare yourself to your peers on the game.The fastest boss kill times would be cool as well. However, I am strongly going to disagree with the idea of making skilling pets tradeable. Doing so would ruin their uniqueness and make them almost pointless. They should stay the same way they are now. But I would really like to see some more pets for Hunter, Fletching, Firemaking, Crafting, Smithing and Cooking added. Now those would be cool! I did really like your idea of being able to trade in pets tho. I have 46 beaver pets and 8 corp pets, so I wouldn't mind being able to trade those in for some pts to use towards something I would find useful. I am going to make an edit in a bit and add some links for you to read and if you like any of the ideas from it, please feel free to add them onto your list here too! So please come back and check my comment soon https://simplicityps.org/community/index.php?/topic/186-dd-event-ideas-clue-scrollbird-nest-updates-and-more/ https://simplicityps.org/community/index.php?/topic/284-pvm-ideas/ https://simplicityps.org/community/index.php?/topic/347-some-skilling-ideas/ https://simplicityps.org/community/index.php?/topic/480-updating-the-slayer-points-shop-duo-slayer-idea/
  12. Gratz! See, non-believers, it is possible!
  13. Good batch of small fixes.
  14. Very happy to see Castle Wars added in. And the party room changes are a very good thing. Makes drop parties easier to host and I think makes it a bit more fair for everyone trying to loot.