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  1. I totally agree with all your points so far. +1 from me
  2. First of Im graceful for the addition of the canafis boots! #Fashionscape From the beginning im pretty much collecting all items from clue scrolls and im pretty much done with my collection. Im missing a few items which are shown in the pictures. The following items are missing or nobody has ever got one (I guess): Rune full helm (t) Saradomin Coif Saradomin chaps is not wearable Zamorak Coif Zamorak chaps is not wearable Robe Top and Robe Bottoms from all three gods from the vestment set <-- link to forum Also the mitre and stole are not wearable (from any of the gods) Black shield (h3) Adamant shield (h2) Rune shield (h1) (h4) (h5) I would like to see these additions since I'm sure more people are trying to finish there collections. A nice addition could also be the Ancient Rune set to the Trivia shop, since there is already Bandos rune and Armadyl rune in the Trivia shop. Update Edit: - Got rune full helm (t) from Moosh - 2incher has both Coif so those are not necessary anymore
  3. Can we add Colored boots, for example the Canafis boots to the game? Crawling hands drop already colored gloves so why not have colored boots to fit our fancy outfits? #FashionScape For example the boots could be added to the NPC Thessalia, which already sells fancy stuff Link to the boots can be found here.