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  1. Lately I've been getting bored of killing the same old bosses over and over, and when I first joined I wondered why no one went to any minigames unless there was a points event or something. So today when I was bored looking for things to do the question came back to me what about minigames? Clear reasoning for no one participating in these minigames is there nothing worth getting these points for, so why not add better items to strive to get. It would revive the minigames giving them more use, giving players more options to make money and use their time, and also they're pretty fun. Quick suggestions for minigames - Castle Wars - Add better items to the shop to earn points for, make two different tiered armour setups that you can start with, one of the setups could have worse bonuses for stats but gives you more points for surviving with the worse gear of the two, but don't make too much of a difference. Fight Pits - Add a shop with decent items to earn at Fight Pits, have a daily tournament roughly an hour or so long, and top three or five players with most kills get rewarded with point's. Pest Control - Add new items to the shop to earn. Any other suggestions for minigames or even tweaking my suggestions I will definitely take a read, Thanks Icyy Kyy
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