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  1. Tubbyy

    Dark cele

    I agree with this
  2. I would love to actually talk about this. You make some interesting points. It's a shame you back it up with furious rage.
  3. Kk, I have nothing further to say. Hopefully, whoever reads this is smart enough to understand who is more level headed and rational about all of this. i don't need to explain anything to you lol, like about how I got my money, whatever tf you wasted like 20 minutes of your day putting together l0l. You can't even keep on a simple conversation without blowing your head off. i literally said "don't take it up the anus". what did you do? rode that fucker like there was no tomorrow...
  4. there's tons of cash in game.. i have like 12t cash myself. so yeah. the orb gets filled like what? once or twice a day? that means there's always donators. donators = boxes. boxes give cash. 1-5b notes. 100m notes. goodiebags for 1000b. theres tons of cash in the eco... when prices crash, u don't just print more money lol. its a good thing that items are crashing. it means the item gambler worked. the whole reason he was put there was to take money out. in return, crash the price of items. nobody wants to pay 100b for a tbow. or 200b for a scythe. the eco is in a great place right now. honestly, this whole post is filled with a lot of emotion, and you are one of the ones that would be mostly affected by this.. players with banks like 1-5t took the biggest hit from all this. and that's right where u fall. i think you're just mad hehe.. a lot of players are mad the price of their item crashed from 1.5t to 1.2t or whatever.. just suck it up. it's a good thing for the new players. there won't be like 2 players grinding for 100b to get a tbow. instead there will be more players grinding for a 40b tbow. will have a healthier player base, with more players grinding, meaning more people staying. instead of having people quit like before because they didn't wanna grind for a 100b tbow. or cause once they got 300b, the item they were going for went up to 400b (that was me with scythe x lol). but ye.. i grinded for my tbow when it was 40b and that shit was hard... i couldnt imagine trying to grind for 100b.. anyways, that's my thoughts on the matter. don't take it up the anus liquids
  5. good shit, i agree with most of this
  6. Tubbyy

    Slayer Shop Buff

    fire asf, add this shit asap. i think a lot of people are bored of the game rn; lots of people complaining that there is nothing to do besides raids and few other bosses. this will definitely bring joy to those players
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