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  1. 8. If we added more customs to Stardust everyone would just afk mine and grind for the cosmetics doesn't take any skill ya know? 14. Expanding the Slayer reward store would be cool to see as there really isn't much in there atm but that's what you use the boss shop, loyalty and voting shops for, But deff would like to see some more things added to the slayer store +1 for me. 16. Make lottery pick daily winners instead of every week - Sorry but this would deff ruin the Eco depending on how much the lottery would go for everyday.. it just wouldn't work. the weekly lottery is fine atm I believe. -1 for me. Other then that I feel like there could be some cool updates coming in the near future and can't wait to see good job.
  2. I'm not the best but on the side I like to do graphics design etc.. So if you ever want a sig or anything let me know. Thank's, Perplexi.