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  1. Content: Added new staff crowns. Added New HP & Prayer skill pillar interface. (Toggle-able) Added New XP Skilling orbs + new interface. (Toggle-able) Added Ground item names. (Toggle-able) Added the Infinity box. Highly exclusive limited box. (Available till July 26) Added the item gambler to Gamble zone, limited items available only to gamble: - Scythe of Vitur, X and XI - Twisted Bow, Dark and Fire - Sacred Clay - Celestial - Sagittarian - Ancestral - Justiciar - Ring of Bosses - $ Scrolls - Emerald + Ruby Box Added new items to the Boss store. - Dragonfire Ward - Guardian Boots - Archery Box - Warrior Box - Wizard Box - Elite Archery Box - Elite Warrior Box - Elite Wizard Box - Elite Combat boxes - Sapphire Mystery Box - Emerald Mystery Box - Ruby Mystery Box Progress on Verzik Vitur Boss: 75% Completed. Added new icon for Boss Event announcements. Added a new icon for Raids announcements. Added a new icon for box opening announcements. Added a new icon for rare drop announcements. Added a new icon for Evil Tree announcements. Added a new icon for Callisto announcements. Added a new icon for Shooting Star announcements. Added a new icon for the Hot Spot announcements. Added a new icon for the FFA Event announcements. Added a new icon for the Cow Event announcements. Added a new icon for the Trivia announcements. Added a new icon for the welcome message. Added a new icon for Server + Security messages. Added new staff alerts for help requests in-game. Recoloured almost all the server announcements. Bugs: [Rare Drops] have been updated to have the new colors. Ruby bolt (e) special attack has been corrected. The 'clue scroll has appeared on the ground' message is now red. Revenants have been fixed so they no longer hit only with melee. Teleport blocked players can no longer use obelisks & the portal at wilderness agility arena. When you spawn at home after dieng in Inferno you will no longer get hit again and die twice. The bug where clan chat messages display @clan:A@ with ::toggletime activated has been fixed. The bug where staff members can't use POS command even with 3k+ donated has been fixed. Hardcore Ironman yell messages now have the correct crown. Rune hatchet no longer cuts logs at the same speed as a dragon hatchet. Searching banks now show the correct items (tentacle whip, etc) You can now sell dragon darts back to shops. You can no longer use ::bank at ::ali Bug fixed for staff to send out Evil tree or Shooting star announcements. Simplicity Development Team Arthur, Jonny, Leviticus, Supreme
  2. Content: Added the following items to regular clue scroll drop table: Grey boots Red boots Yellow boots Teal boots Purple boots Rune full helm (t) Saradomin coif Zamorak coif God robe sets Black shield (h3) Adamant shield (h2) Rune shield (h1, h4, h5) Added an 'all' option to fletching Added a new raids interface You can now make bulk amounts of potions instead of having to click on each potion to make it. Hardcore Iron Man rank has been added: When joining the game select 'Hardcore Iron' You will now only have ONE life to live! If you die your account will be set back to a regular iron man. You have all the same benefits/rates as a regular iron man. You have a hardcore ironman crown Bug Fixes: The issue where shops had a dupe and were removed from the game temporarily has been fixed & the shops have been re-added. When leaving the hydra instance (by clicking the door) it will no longer be an instanced area and you can communicate with other players that have not yet entered Hydra. The npc drop table not appearing correctly after opening the box loots interface has been fixed. You can no longer set 'Trusted' into your title. Tekton's health bar showing random amounts has been fixed. Rune pouch now correctly lights up spells. Firemaking fixes: You can use noted logs & regular logs on the rogues castle fire. You can only use regular logs on a tinderbox fire & the fire at donator zone. Raid's second phase should no longer move you to the wall when attacking the arms. Server support permissions were majorly bugged causing issues where it wasn't considered a 'staff member'. Fixed server support rank showing in clan chats. Server support rank will no longer be lost when relogging. Server supports now will get the ::help ticket Fixed crowns appearing incorrectly for some ranks. You can no longer use summoning at ::ali. Zulrah was smaller than it actually was supposed to be. This has been corrected. Players can no longer follow/attack staff that are using ::hide. The inferno pet drop rate has been changed to 1/100. Donator benefits for ironman modes have been fixed. Toxic staff of the dead stand animation has been corrected to match OSRS. Monkey skeleton area is now multi. Skeletal mystics in level 23 wilderness have been removed. You can now use ::toggletime to toggle a display to have time inside of your yell messages. Ultimate ironman must be next to a banker/bank booth in order to note/un-note items. Staff will now stay in ::ffa when they die in the free for all event. Anybody that has donated the equivalent amount of an onyx donator can now use the ::pos command. Coming soon: Theatre of Blood Simplicity Development Team Arthur, Jonny, Leviticus, Supreme
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