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  1. HELLO ALL, THANK YOU FOR READING MY POST. HERE ARE SOME SUGGESTIONS FROM ME. -Add a wilderness slayer tasks/point system to encourage wilderness adventures. Make the shop appealing and possibly include some mid tear items, but obviously make it a grind. -Revamp some boss drop tables by slightly buffing it, to encourage players to have diverse bossing experience. From what it seems like, everyone is farming the same boss over and over again and it gets repetitive, making the pvm world less diverse. -Lottery login streak system possibly? This will encourage players to log in every day and collect rewards. The higher the login streak, better rewards and reset the streak after a certain amount of days. -The general store/in-game prices need to be updated! For example, dragon kiteshield can only be sold for 9million coins in general store. This idea is thought of because it feels like the starter items like abyssal whip and dfs can only be sold in POS (which not many people buy), rather than general store. Would be nice to be able to sell these items in the general store for a good cash amount! -Possibly new item: Drop rate scroll. Make it obtainable for players through some shop/point system, allowing % drop rate increase for a certain amount of time. -Make $ scroll more obtainable via pvm or some shop/point system to encourage players to grind out for higher donator ranks, rather than feeling like they need to donate to get farther in game. As you can see, most suggestions are really to create a diverse play in all over the map and more new players oriented. Let me know your thoughts, staff team. Thank you for new updates and all the hard work.
  2. Agreed as well. I feel that there is a HUGE gap between the late game and middle game.
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