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  1. Noone seems to be upset with the idea, anyone want to throw out a suggestion as to what item/(s) should be added
  2. i went to check it out earlier, it definitely needs a buff for the amount of time it might take someone
  3. Hey everyone. First off I'd like to say I'm a relatively new player. I've been reading a lot of the forum posts recently trying to figure out the ins / outs of the server, how to make money, etc. The one super unique thing i found was the custom mini game, treasure island. However, after looking at the drop table compared to other money making options (even for new players) it doesnt seem very worth it. Possibly add in a custom item that is exclusive to treasure island, or a super rare 1/5200 chance of (insert big ticket item here), giving players something special to look for off the rare drop table.
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