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  1. +1 I like it, although a lot of people complain about box loots spamming chat boxes, maybe if it had the ability to be toggled like ::togglealerts for instance, it would be nice to know what's actually going into your bank!
  2. I was asked to do this <3
  3. Yeah kinda bizarre how Sumona doesn't assign ALL bosses on the lists, good point.
  4. This one is a pretty quick & easy suggestion (may have been suggested before) Add the following to the slayer task list so we can kill them on task; Hydra for definite, & maybe, just maybe - Olm (this one least likely I know), Jad? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, As someone that LOVES slayer, it's one skill I want to see be worked on imo; The shop/rewards is a little lacklustre (but that's a whole different thread) I propose as a new reward to be earned from the shop is that we have the ability to block certain tasks for "x" amount of points + only actually be able to block "x" amount of monsters (similar to RS in general) My idea was; X1 task blocked = 200 points Now, reasoning behind that, points are very easy to come by, streaks + x2 days, this would be achievable in a few hours so it's not out of reach for any player. Say, the max amount of tasks blocked will be 5, 200x5=1000 points Unblocking a task will obviously open up a space again. May seem pointless to some but blocking tasks we either don't like OR don't need to do anymore (pet hunters) whilst still gaining xp for the skill. I know we may have bigger things to be looking at atm, but, just bare it in mind, Let me know what you guys think!