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  1. As a "Server Support" you shouldn't be able to pick and choose who you help or talk to, that being said, I can confidently say that you DO NOT interact with the CC or answer questions, that may be an "opinion" of mine, but if I notice it, so do others, You are the only person who sees it as "attacking", 90% of staff know and understand I am not serious & any time I comment it's a debate or a general conversation, unfortunately, you saying about following rules, not disrespecting ect, me attacking players, "brad you're just retarded, that's why I hassel you", I don't really think someone with a past of being toxic should be able to dictate what me, as a player can say. As the thread says, this is staff feedback, I'm not breaking any rules or disrespecting, just leaving feedback, personally think you should be more active in the cc when questions are being asked, not choose who to help or talk to just because "I've dealt with people like you before" not very good example to set as staff. *ADDED AFTER SEEING SCREENSHOTS* And I think the way that you address players shouldn't be so aggressive, you've muted a player for being disrespectful yet the way you talk to them isn't deserving of being respectful, if someone said to me "your best bet is watching what you say"/"i'm already sick of your disrespect so watch what you say unless...." i'd see that as a threat or aggressive, that's not a warning, that's a threat, definitely not the way i'd expect to be spoken to by a member of staff.
  2. Unfortunately, this is a negative post; I don't believe Troll actually wants to be in the position he's in, personally I think he is extremely aggressive with the way he talks to people & when he has an issue with particular players rather than confront it himself, he pms another staff member, he doesn't take part in helping the CC unless he feels like it, he doesn't answer questions specifically asked to him, even before he was staff he was an extremely toxic player, don't get me wrong I am not perfect, I can be difficult but I struggle to understand why he was chose of all people to be an SS when he previously called me "retarded" and "choses to hassle you" for no reason, Rather than resolve issues he just gets the power rush and becomes threatening rather than trying to come to a reasonable ending, I have seen this from other players. He choses which players he wishes to talk to & this isn't acceptable if your role is a "Server Support", I don't want this post to be seen as a "B R A D just has beef with Troll" because I don't, I don't have beef with anyone, it's because of the way Troll is & how he acts that this is the case & what he tells staff personally.
  3. B R A D


    Me & Mak3 have a special connection, I like to think we bring a lil something somethin to the server daily, appreciate you & knowing when to step in and take control, takes a keen eye to know the difference between banter & applying the rules.
  4. B R A D


    Right, just gotta start by saying - #1Staff; This guy always answers questions, always keeping up with the players, always hosting events to keep us popping, activity in discord is top notch; A chill staff that is up for banter but takes it serious when it comes down to the big things going on, we have had some crazy weird conversations, the dude is hilarious. Seriously appreciate his help & what he does in his role.
  5. +1 I like it, although a lot of people complain about box loots spamming chat boxes, maybe if it had the ability to be toggled like ::togglealerts for instance, it would be nice to know what's actually going into your bank!
  6. Yeah kinda bizarre how Sumona doesn't assign ALL bosses on the lists, good point.
  7. This one is a pretty quick & easy suggestion (may have been suggested before) Add the following to the slayer task list so we can kill them on task; Hydra for definite, & maybe, just maybe - Olm (this one least likely I know), Jad? Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, As someone that LOVES slayer, it's one skill I want to see be worked on imo; The shop/rewards is a little lacklustre (but that's a whole different thread) I propose as a new reward to be earned from the shop is that we have the ability to block certain tasks for "x" amount of points + only actually be able to block "x" amount of monsters (similar to RS in general) My idea was; X1 task blocked = 200 points Now, reasoning behind that, points are very easy to come by, streaks + x2 days, this would be achievable in a few hours so it's not out of reach for any player. Say, the max amount of tasks blocked will be 5, 200x5=1000 points Unblocking a task will obviously open up a space again. May seem pointless to some but blocking tasks we either don't like OR don't need to do anymore (pet hunters) whilst still gaining xp for the skill. I know we may have bigger things to be looking at atm, but, just bare it in mind, Let me know what you guys think!
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