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  1. hi guys, just brainstorming a few ideas to try and combat the lack of motivation or incentive to go into the wilderness or do any skilling other than for the comp cape, feel free to add more below or change around some of these. - add a wilderness slayer master to only assign tasks in the wilderness and maybe some extra monsters in the wilderness or change the existing ones to have double the drop table or something, while on a slayer task they also have a chance at dropping larrans key which in turn opens a chest in deep wildy for amazing loot (in my opinion it has to contain some mid tier - high tier regular loot with some amazing but really rare loot to actually bring people into the wilderness, the chain usually starts with pvmers going into the wildy, low tier pkers kill the pvmers, a better pker will hunt the pkers hunting the pvmer.. so on and so forth you get the idea) - could add a way either via drops in the wilderness or slayer point store as a way to obtain rigour and augury prayers - add a new pvm boss (or multiple different ones) around the wilderness to drop an add on similar to how the add ons for twisted bow works, to upgrade cele set to dark cele (black and red recolour maybe a stat buff too) - revamping the blood money store, the time it takes to farm the blood money to buy something from the store doesnt reflect the cost of the items in comparison to just going and killing hydra or anything else really (ex. 700k BM for a necklace of anguish) - think iv seen this mentioned before but a skilling master to assign certain skilling tasks - adding a skilling store, maybe being able to buy some of the lower/mid tier boxes (people love opening boxes) - updating the prestige shop (once you have all brawlers this store becomes relatively useless and removes the incentive to skill past 99 even further) - adding a loyalty point store for low tier gear - barrows/furys etc could help to bring in more people to try pvp out, and gives the players something back for just being here, after the titles the loyalty points become irrelevant and are just a stat thats stacked up - changing the crystal afk zone to either give slightly more gp per large rock as theyre worth less than the ::rubytree logs, or changing the large rocks to a marble rock or something to give mining and crafting xp so you can prestige 2 skills at once just a few ideas for now please add some more below and give me your thoughts - lets help to improve the server we love
  2. karn

    Dark cele

    seen a few comments about giving cele a buff to 139 hp to match other cb styles, how about making a dark cele set (black/red) to match the colours of sang x and the demonic spirit shield and adding the hp buff onto that?
  3. iv seen that done before and i thought it was excellent, have the examine option on things bring up a window showing the drop table


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