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  1. I wouldn't say I've put more money as I know a few others that have dropped a good bit of money into the server, but definitely a lot of time! Great post, I've been thinking about this a lot lately I'll pass it on to a few of the other high donators who agree. Can't figure out how to like your post once someone else has already liked it but it gets a big +1 from me
  2. Few things: Max cape is better than death cape, has slightly better stats and built in accumulator. (Don't get me started on comp cape though) Max zone is a decent money maker for new players with derwen's and such, you can get to it through statue of arthur Prestiging gives the most points when your reach 2b xp for the skill, I think it gives 8 points. Aside from that I agree with you 100% I personally believe we lose players that get high tier weapons / gear because of lack of content. It gets way too repetitive. Server has people pushing goodiebags everyday yet can only get bugfixes / updates out once a month. Being someone who's donated a couple hundred dollars this bothers me. The worst part is being an active player I notice all the little bugs that bother me. And having decent java skills there's some things that are such easy fixes, the dev team just seems understaffed. I even offer to join the dev team because I really do enjoy the community around this server and want to see it grow, but the higher ups are too concerned with having a player be on the dev team (which I understand to an extent) but who's going to have more knowledge / passion about bugs than an active player? Management definitely needs to change something before it bleeds its player base dry
  3. agree 100% should be one of best in slot capes
  4. +1 Szone is worse than ::DI in my opinion at its current state lets get more people in the wildy
  5. I have added a suggestion before for the dragon hunter lance that was approved and that was : Make the dragon hunter lance work at vorkath. I have also realized it doesnt have a noticeable effect at: Ancient wyverns / long tailed wyverns, Hydra, Great Olm (anything that dhcb works on). If you check the osrs wiki you will see that it works on those monsters in osrs and i think that it should on here as well. Also it is a 1 handed weapon on osrs and can be used with a shield, so naturally I think it should be the same on here. also dhcb maybe should get a slight buff. Not sure if it has any effect at raids or not, or at the other monsters mentioned above. Also we need inventory presets to set a placeholder on bank items or an option to do so. Bank gets very messy Fix raids so melee can be used on second wave please also super restore flask only restores 10 points to drained skill (with max skill) while super restore pot works properly Another one - $50 scroll drop from wyvern does not double with Diamond+ rank and I feel like it should considering the grind and the advertised benefits of Diamond+ ranks *Edit #4* Right now the charge spell cant be cast making flames of zamorak / godspells fairly weak. Maybe consider adding the high level blast spells to normal spellbook as normal spellbook is pretty obsolete when using TeleBlock. When teleblocked players can still teleport through obelisk and portals in the wilderness which should be fixed. Add some higher level drops to wildywyrm such as ruby box to make the wilderness more active Add a spec to dragon thrown-axe
  6. Dragon Hunter lance actually hits 200+ damage while i was wearing pernix so I'd imagine in max strength its even better. I was killing drakes faster than a guy with scythe, so I feel like its power is ok. Hydra seems to be a dragon too but im not sure if making it work on hydra would make it too easy and screw the economy?
  7. oh i never knew about that im talking about where it replaces x with say 14 so you dont have to type at all. makes bankstanding skills less tedious gonna edit the original and add a couple things thanks!
  8. Dragon Hunter lance doesn't work on vorkath, seems like it should After some testing I can confirm that magma blowpipe does not work with ava's accumulator while toxic blowpipe does - it does not collect darts High Value items such as mbp or high end armor have a value of 0 in the price checker, only really an issue for pvm in the wildy as having any 3 junk items would get protected over an mbp. also most new players don't know this is a thing. I think we need to add some high value to these items so that these items arent lost during pvm Wyrm drops 750k and bones and the occasional clue scroll. For how hard it is to kill it should have some rare drop and maybe elite clue scroll drops too. When sell / withdraw / deposit x is entered it should be remembered like it is on osrs. So that when you click buy x or withdraw x it has whatever value last typed instead of (x), so its just a clickable button Infernal eel should be considerably cheaper in donator store - its currently the equivalent of $100 and makes a cape several behind BIS. My suggestion would be to make it purchasable in the boss shop or add it as a drop from jad. Considering the other part needed is an infernal cape which is kinda tough as is. When grinding mobs theres a noticeable time between kills where it still says you're in combat and this should be reduced for sure I feel *Edit* I think also think if we take the time to solo great olm we should get more loot
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