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  1. Dragon Hunter lance actually hits 200+ damage while i was wearing pernix so I'd imagine in max strength its even better. I was killing drakes faster than a guy with scythe, so I feel like its power is ok. Hydra seems to be a dragon too but im not sure if making it work on hydra would make it too easy and screw the economy?
  2. oh i never knew about that im talking about where it replaces x with say 14 so you dont have to type at all. makes bankstanding skills less tedious gonna edit the original and add a couple things thanks!
  3. Dragon Hunter lance doesn't work on vorkath, seems like it should After some testing I can confirm that magma blowpipe does not work with ava's accumulator while toxic blowpipe does - it does not collect darts High Value items such as mbp or high end armor have a value of 0 in the price checker, only really an issue for pvm in the wildy as having any 3 junk items would get protected over an mbp. also most new players don't know this is a thing. I think we need to add some high value to these items so that these items arent lost during pvm Wyrm drops 750k and bones and the occasional clue scroll. For how hard it is to kill it should have some rare drop and maybe elite clue scroll drops too. When sell / withdraw / deposit x is entered it should be remembered like it is on osrs. So that when you click buy x or withdraw x it has whatever value last typed instead of (x), so its just a clickable button Infernal eel should be considerably cheaper in donator store - its currently the equivalent of $100 and makes a cape several behind BIS. My suggestion would be to make it purchasable in the boss shop or add it as a drop from jad. Considering the other part needed is an infernal cape which is kinda tough as is. When grinding mobs theres a noticeable time between kills where it still says you're in combat and this should be reduced for sure I feel *Edit* I think also think if we take the time to solo great olm we should get more loot
  4. agreed