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  1. I don't even know what happen i woke up to kevin spamming me on discord, I asked him what's up? He said i was banned for "inviting players to my old simp source server". I didn't know what he was talking about, I was invited to help code the server, I never invited anybody from simp nor did i plan to, the "server" wasn't even up and running we all were still looking at the source we've only been on this for 2 days before we got banned, But it was really hard because the owner of our server is a very needy person and was spamming the discord with "i want this and i want that" The other developer and I would just ignore him, But STKdeath got more and more annoyed which i understand but all you have to do is ignore him. He asked to have his "role removed" but the owner misunderstood and kicked him from the discord, So STK got mad and went and told someone that we were "stealing" players, 1 of our developers was talking with STK and sent him an invite in a personal message to our discord, And the invite was used 4 times.
  2. Before crystal and/or onyx gets a rework, The sapphire zone needs a rework like badly.
  3. Sounds good man
  4. Can't wait to see some of them colored scythes ingame
  5. Welcome my friend, Don't be afraid to message if you have any questions!
  6. I always sell my elites because the mass amount of steps it takes to get the same loot as a normal clue, just not worth it i WANT NEW BOSSES but, they can only do so much as they work on everything as it is, including TOB with the extra bugs on top of everything else... I'm sure we will get something soon I would love to see more pets especially a callisto pet
  7. Handled
  8. Mutated Tarn To get to tarn just do ::tarn or you can go to the Magic Book->Boss Teleports->Tarn When you are getting ready to fight tarn make sure to use your overload, and turn on your prayers before you teleport there. When you are ready hurry and get behind tarn and his demons before they spawn. ------------------------------------------------------- During the fight tarn will freeze you multiple times, And he will use a magic attack that hits twice, be careful this attack can hit 40+ 2 times, and he can hit you with a normal magic attack which counts as a total stack of 3 times being hit (this doesn't happen often but when it does you have a 70/30% chance of surviving, 70% being the chance to survive) ------------------------------------------------------- If you click the passageway you will simply be teleported home, which is a good trick for the hardcore ironmen who attempt this wretched boss. Gear/Supplies I am using Sacred Clay, Scythe of Vitur X, Angelic Boots, Ring of Bosses, Flame Gloves (e), Hydra Cape, and Necklace of Anguish (or) I haven't tried tarn much without this mid tier gear, but I am sure he is possible to do with pernix/blowpipe, or justiciar with a whip/regular scythe. Since i am a sapphire donator (to see donator bonuses you can do ::benefits in game) i don't need any prayer/super restore potions, so I only bring overloads and brews. The people that need prayer you should only bring 1 or 2 potions as you will not be in this fight long enough to really need more and i recommend bringing some rocktails to combo eat with the saradomin brews. I am also using the superior Zuk pet, The superior pets help A LOT on these hard bosses. They give unlimited soulsplit, so you can have a protect prayer on (like magic needed for tarns attacks) while also getting the affect of soulsplit from the pet. The superior pets you can get are Olm(raids), Vorkath, and Zuk(inferno). You can get these pets as a drop but they will be a regular version of the pet and you will need 50b to buy the superior scroll from the note trader in the edgeville bank to upgrade them. Hope this helps -Ruhbeartoe
  9. He's a good guy
  10. Do a few hundred wildy bosses, make some people wanna actually do them! maybe in the middle of killing venenatis or something you could wander off and kill callisto or even wildywyrm!
  11. This been going on for awhile now
  12. Dude i suggested this myself im just waiting for approval!! I mean they can't deny this one.. can they?!
  13. Is that 115 bones with the ::well active or not active? And the prices always depend.. you could find hydra bones going for 100k sometimes! Good one though
  14. Nice guide dude ill give it a whirl
  15. Wow you put this one together rather quickly comparing to how long the update has been out, Nice work man