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  1. I'd love a wiki of simp, it would give us more attention for sure, All new players would be in heaven! haha
  2. I agree not many people that i've seen want to donate with a phone. Paypal is probably one of the best/safest, i use it regularly
  3. I'd love to see the pk gear not degrade bringing life to PvM with vestas etc.. I think wildy wyrm should get a drygore drop like callisto and a few other drops.. i would love to see some new range and magic weps that are decently priced but under tbow and sang/tham, for new players its hard to get up to that gear unless they gamble everything and get lucky, but most players see alot of people in it already and get to feeling down cause they take 5 mins to kill something someone with a scythe/sang can kill in 2 seconds
  4. Cool idea not sure how it would turn out though..
  5. PLEASE do this, i always goto the bank curious what all i got
  6. Love the guide to guides! I want to do a skills one
  7. Been thinking about making a UIM, I will definitley follow this guide!
  8. Nice guide dude i followed this when i was first starting, love it!
  9. Wells The green phase is rather easy, Just put him on the red well and start doing some work! Watch out for his poison though, Bring an anti poison if you want to but if you're like me you just deal with the poison hits. The blue stage seems fairly harder, He gets a bit more defense but if you put him on this green well, He should be a piece of cake! His electric pulses that generate from this blue orb are somewhat damaging but they're easily avoided. Now the red phase gets intense, You want to put him on the blue well but WATCH OUT for his fire waves, And be extra watchful for his fireball DoT, This DoT is very deadly when he is hitting you for constant 35+ so try and avoid it at all cost, Just run around the room until it's over then back to the blue well you go! The black phase is simple,You do not need to put him on a well, Just kill him! Buuuuut he gains some INSANE DEFENSE! And it feels like he gains extra accuracy he hits constant 30s+ in this stage, Just try to tank him until you finish him off, Not to hard right?(He throws poison out but it's no big deal) Gear/Supplies I recommend using overloads and saradomin brews when you fight hydra, as with any other boss/PvM, If you don't have best in slot gear, i recommend bring 2-4 super restores, But if you find you kill him fast enough you can replace them. For the best in slot It's pretty easy most of the time you don't have to put hydra on the wells. Overload and saradomin brews are needed for ANY boss/PvM, You don't need 2 restores you kill him so fast but i bring some out of habit.. Pernix and magma blowpipe is more than enough to kill hydra, But use the well mechanic, I recently discovered vorkaths whip hits like a truck! If you don't have best in slot gear don't worry you don't need it, I personally like the torva with vorkath whip. Sometimes i will use elder maul it hits HARD. It takes a little longer to kill hydra with this gear but it's not that bad honestly. (I apologize for the pernix screenshot not showing inventory, It's the same setup as torva, Without the ags and special recovery potion) I tried this a few times when i was a new player i used a ranging potion/super restore and some manta rays, I quickly found out this was impossible to do i was out of food before i could finish his red stage, I found overloads and saradomin brews and it made it so much better but It was still a very bad experience, I do not recommend trying to farm hydra in this gear unless you are patient willing to take a few minutes per kill. But all willing to try be my guest and best of luck on your loots! Prayers I like to use soulsplit and turmoil the whole time, But if you feel comfortable praying something else, OR even pray flick his attack styles feel free to do so, But soulsplit helps alot when you get big combo hits Hope this helps I appreciate all feedback Good or Bad, I like to improve if i'm doing stuff badly. -Ruhbeartoe
  10. Be cool if you gave it a demonic look in the chest/helm maybe and make it the color of the dragon kiteshield.
  11. Dragon kiteshield is lit to
  12. +1 I would farm my buttocks off for some Demonic barrows, i love the demonic look
  13. Added Hand Cannon X (A highly exclusive limited item from the Donator store). Fixed a bug with Saradomin brew healing. - Fixed the high level woodcutting area clipping issues. Fixed a model bug for torva platebody / virtus robe legs making females invisible. - Fixed a model bug for sagittarian vambraces messing up ur character as a female. And all the skilling options added i LOVE +1000
  14. +1