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  1. Awesome update!
  2. short stream btw
  3. Hello everyone thank you for taking this time to read this forum post , but today iv decided to start streaming on Simplicity , hope you all enjoy the stream i don't have a mic yet so hopefully ill get one soon but anyways if you want to stop by and say hello feel free https://www.twitch.tv/king_dvukk :)!
  4. Hope to see you soon Fast! already miss our pvms together , and heck yeah Lewis glad to be here and make this server grow already tweeted about this even though i don't have a'lot of followers
  5. When i begin this journey of Simplicity , I wasn't to sure about how the community will be or how the game will be overall. But putting couple hours in it was a good idea because there are players are very kind and are willing to help you out. Anyways the point i'm making is that this is a server i'm willing to stay forever , bond with other players thank you for taking this time to read this non sense but i'm just trying to show you how i enjoy this type of stuff. thank you -Dvukk