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  1. I've always said the opinion of newer players is extremely important, as they get discouraged and quit the server because of exactly what you're already experiencing. Please continue to post your suggestions/ideas as you continue to play. I do agree that their should be a stepping stone between those items. 4b for a mbp to a 45b t bow is a huge jump.
  2. Love the idea. you should also post what gear you're using so other players can use that when choosing their ow hydra gear.
  3. Cursed


    Would love to grind zulrah for a pet. good suggestion!
  4. whats up brotha. Im AD Army, stationed Fort Polk, LA... sorry bro but i hate your state 🤣. Side note, welcome to simp my guy. Glad to see another service member even though its a seaman hahah
  5. I like the idea, give players an incentive to max and utilize skilling for $$$ rather than just max for max zone.
  6. From only playing 2 days, I highly applaud you for the effort you put into your post. Coming from the perspective of a newer player only sheds more light onto the issue of making new players less discouraged on making mula on the server. Some of these issues have already been pushed up and the staff team is working on finding the right solutions. We at simplicity appreciate your input and thank you for re-addressing some of these issues. I hope you continue to enjoy simplicity
  7. Shiftynex is 10/10 curbside service. highly recommend. welcome to simp!!!
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