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  1. This thread should have way more attention. This is the story of basically every new player that enters the server and I frankly feel that this is spot on. The server should focus it's attention to retaining new players as it is true that veteran players are seen handing out starter sets(much like myself) which includes items like blowpiples, arma sets, gold bags etc. that we obtain from donator zones. It is extremely intimidating starting out on the server and struggling to achieve the first 10b with potentially shit gear. Not every new player can donate $$ and not every player receives handouts.
  2. I like this idea. Well thought out in my opinion and would attract more users to use mage vs the usual sov for pvming
  3. adding cash to raids would help tremendously
  4. What about adding a "junk well" where you can dump items like 3rd age, serp helms, pvp armors, etc for a chance at like a 1b ticket or something? would definitely clear up the pos and help newer players whilst giving everyone a chance at making some extra cash while increasing the value of such items that are practically useless.
  5. I very much like the ideas posted to the poll as it would attract more new players and retain them. I would love to see simplicity grow as it has so much to offer and with these revamps it will definitely resonate well with the community. Also, what do you all think about making boxes untradeable? Rather than having a ton of boxes sitting in the POS it would force those to open them causing more cash/items to come into the economy. It would also cause more players to use their vote scrolls to obtain them through the shops. They are also obtainable through boss points, bossing, and goodiebags. The idea came through talking to a few members of the community and would love to hear some feedback on this.
  6. Incredibly well thought out suggestion. This needs to get implemented. It's extremely demoralizing for both new+old players to grind out for hours to have their items not sell. New players would be attracted to this and would have more of reason to stay. Ranks would be more enticing thus more donations into the game. There is little cash circulating in the game and items are not selling thus making pvming not very attractive. This suggestion needs to be taken seriously in order for the server to grow along with the player base.
  7. Solid suggestions, I hope these get approved.
  8. Despite this guy getting wrecked in all FFA events by me, I support this outstanding idea by this superior member of the community.
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