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  1. yep and everything you posted in there @Pink Boots was also posted in your mute log and no brad i just choose not to talk to you because you attack every individual player that has something to say and you have targeted me since i became staff with dumb remarks etc... this has been seen by numerous people but i apologize you feel that way it's you're opinion which you are entitled to i've dealt with people like you in the past i just don't put up with it... and i will not put up with it here follow the rules and don't disrespect staff and noone will be punished that simple
  2. its a good idea but drops are not guaranteed they are a "chance" never guarenteed.
  3. We have spoken quite a bit in game, welcome to the server and hope you enjoy your stay.
  4. i've also caught this player doing the same thing he has been talked to and asked not to continue using the bug.
  5. By no means am I too lazy it's just a suggestion
  6. Hello, Mr Troll You here rather new to the server but i've got one suggestion for a pvp aspect -Make a folder within the simplicity folder that auto screen shots kills in the wildy.... and or rare drops etc for pvmers so they have memories to look back on. Thanks, Mr Troll You
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