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  1. this player wanted me to sell him\her full pernix and anguish for 20b and then put in 20x100m scrolls thinking i wont notice, staff please do something before someone gets scamemd by this player! here is picture proof i took.
  2. every time i open my shop the inventory looks like this and with a full inventory if something gets taken out of my shop some items in the inventory dissapear. hope people see this so they dont lose their items Your FART.
  3. +1 i have been thinking about this good someone made a suggestion
  4. fart n run

    let us be able to just press examine on a boss and we can see drops and KC of that boss so we dont have to type, often players misspell the names of the NPC they want to check drops. this way of examining the boss / npc makes it a lot easier for players to check what they want to know. your friendly fart :).
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