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  1. https://gyazo.com/6da44e7f3cf525b710de4419492b739e
  2. With the ever-growing rising player count, and the problems that come with early gambling, betting more than you have, or scamming in general; implementing gambling middle men will relieve pressure from higher tier staff to deal with a problem that can be avoided all together. Video evidence surely is enough to get somebody banned, but by using middle men we can avoid losing players and people losing out on bets they should have won entirely. This creates a safer and more manageable gambling atmosphere in which higher tier staff can avoid dealing with any drama, bans or miscommunications within. Middle Men would get the title, and if possiblle a command added for people at gamble to use being ::middlemen which rings on any middle men currently logged in to call them to gamble. The entire premise is to eliminate the toxicity incurred from false bets or allegations, and to keep other staff from being put in tough situations with no real guidelines to handle it. Thanks for the read!
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