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  1. I've gathered around a few idea as to what the wilderness could have to bring in more active wildy players. - Wilderness keys (Kill a npc and get a key) - Battle mages at Mage Bank (Drops infinity, master wand, mages book, possibly a rare) - Imbued God Cape minigame - Move resource area to edgy lever and make rocks and furnace notable (pay a toll to enter) - Remove ghost town and leave revenants at the caves - Make updates to pkp shop - Add mysterious emblems and tiers - Make wildy bosses worth killing - Chaos altar by Ice Plateu can offer more xp and has a small percentage to save the bone
  2. gottem
  3. congrats man feelsgood
  4. Support
  5. I like the idea you're throwing out, but for the time being I agree with Lewiss, maybe a change in the future?
  6. If you're going to make a topic like this please refer to ways to donate as well as contacting someone if needed
  7. nice meme
  8. -1 I agree with the hostility, but for non donors thats where they can talk and sell items to other players, and you should be allowed to discuss fping in there but shouldn't be able to use dice bag while in help cc.
  9. Very useful, thank you!