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  1. Looks great I hope that you guys enjoy the update
  2. Its okay to gamble, but don't get cleaned haha, but I see that you're making a nice bank tho
  3. Good luck on maxing your ironman if its not already done Nice guide btw
  4. Thanks for your suggestion Foly, the staff team will look into them
  5. Agree but what do you suggest to do for those who actually paid 100 donor points for these capes?
  6. Welcome mate, I hope that you will enjoy the game, feel free to pm me if you have any questions
  7. Wow these are some nice GFX
  8. I totally agree with your suggestions, for an ultimate iron man, its way too hard to do the achievement *Smelt 1000 rune bars* since they don't have bank, it would be a nice way for them to get this achievement! (: Thanks for your suggestions
  9. 🌟 WE ARE GIVING AWAY 10X $20 DONATION SCROLLS 🌟 To enter the giveaway, you have to show that you're playing our rsps *Simplicityps* in the discord, to do that please refer to the ::thread 519, or simply click on the following link: https://simplicityps.org/community/index.php?/topic/519-how-to-show-that-you-play-simplicity-on-discord/&tab=comments#comment-1527 10 winners will be randomly chosen between all the players who entered the giveaway! Thanks, if you ever have any question about the giveaway, feel free to pm me or anyone in the staff team for clarification . Thank you, Arthur & Supreme
  10. First of all you have to go on your - User setting - on the left bottom of your screen. After, you have to go on - Game activity -. Finally, you have to turn on your - Display currently running game as a status message - you have to add it if you don't see it.
  11. God the sanguinesti staff so op lmao
  12. Tbh, I think it would make sense, but changing the loot would be a good idea too, in example lowering the warmonger loots or upgrading the WildyWyrm loot. Thanks for the suggestion (:
  13. Great job on updates @Simplicity I love these
  14. I feel sorry that you think the server is p2w, as we can see higher, in the chat, Tramp is wrecking one of the hardest boss ing with gear that everyone can buy at the start of the game, and actually making a bank with it. The donators who donate a lot help the server to grow, the items that they receive from it are just a faster way of getting them, but everyone can still get them by a particular boss excepted for 1 or 2 weapons.