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  1. Thank you guys I really enjoy the community/staff. Which makes this a beyond amazing rsps.
  2. Gz on the loot
  3. Best of Luck in your goal
  4. Thanks for all the hard work you do Inch and Everyone else who does guides
  5. gz to the winners
  6. Yes Please
  7. Love this idea. Would def love to see demonic Barrows
  8. You’re awesome. Thanks for doing this. GL everyone!
  9. Hi everyone. Bit late to the intros/forums. Anyway lets get too it. My Name is Sarah. I'm 23. Lesbian. I've been playing RS/RSPS for 13 years now. I like drawing/writing/video games/animals/anime/cooking. I currently work as a Deli assistant manager. Nothing else of note. ~Utaku