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  1. Rottenpotato

    I am not Michael Angelo! In all seriousness, it took me like an hour to come up with a sketch of this. I literally colored every single pixel individually. I only used 3 different colors of red for shading purposes. Clearly if this were a final product, it would need probably atleast 10 to make it look significantly better. I didn't want to put SO much work into this if it weren't approved that I would waste much more of my time on coming up with a perfect image. This is just to give people an idea of generally what it would look like.
  2. Rottenpotato

    Yeah, I didn't add my thoughts on the armor's appearance. I guess I will now. I was thinking it should have a darkish-red tint to it, like the demonic spirit shield.
  3. Rottenpotato

    What and Why? As the title clearly states it, in short I think it would be really damn cool if there was a new, beefed up version of the existing, classic barrows armor sets that we know and love. Practically no one uses barrows sets because barrows gear is incredibly easy to replace with stronger versions, even on an ultimate iron man. I have an ultimate iron man, so I can confirm this. My idea is to add a difficulty to the Barrows minigame, known as the Demonic difficulty. I believe these sets would ramp up PvP and PvM in unique ways, rather than simply going in order of higher tier gear. This should add more variety to gear preferred by players for various combat situations. Examples: Bosses with high defense can be countered with a buffed demonic Verac's set. This, in theory, should sustain higher DPS than a Vorkath's whip. Those who cannot afford a Scythe of Vitur can use a demonic Dharok's set to smear the Giant Mole all over the wall. Maybe someone is like me and just likes to see the highest hits in the game. Dharok's set is designed for maxing. I'm not sure how Cerberus is programmed on here, but Cerberus is normally weak to crush. Demonic Guthan's would be one of the most carefree sets to use to fight him because he is weak to crush. Guthan's works quite well on him in normal Runescape because it heals very well, despite crush not being the primary attack style of the spear. How do you obtain this gear? My simple thought to implement this gear into the game is to add onto the Barrows minigame. When you normally dig with a spade, you go into the crypt of the according brother. There could be an option added when you dig to go into a personalized instance of "Demonic." This can be added to the chat log to select difficulty. There would be 2 kill counts, one for normal and one for the demonic mode. They are kept track separately. The minigame would be identical for demonic difficulty, but there would be higher level brothers. I believe all demonic difficulty barrows brothers in the minigame should have a passive Verac effect, (chance to ignore a player's defense & prayer.) I think Verac himself should completely ignore a player's defense and prayer in the demonic difficulty. I think it would also be fair to add a prayer draining effect from being hit by all barrows brothers, or a similar periodic prayer drainage like real Runescape from simply being in the crypts. This would obviously make the minigame more challenging rather than carelessly slapping on protects the whole minigame and only taking damage from Verac, hence demonic difficulty. What are the drop rates? To help retain value for demonic barrows sets, I think the drop rate should be lowered on demonic difficulty compared to normal barrows. I believe for demonic barrows on average a nondonor should receive a barrows item for every other demonic barrows game completed. All donators have double barrows loot drops, so I think it would be appropriate if donators on average received a single demonic barrows item for each game completed. Due to a lack of rack bolts in the game for anyone who might enjoy a Karil's set, I also think bolt racks should drop in much higher quantities on the demonic difficulty. I'll spit ball and say a solid random occasional reward of 200-500 rack bolts would be satisfactory. Runes would still drop on demonic difficulty of course, but at higher quantities as well. As for runes, I'm thinking if you were to land on runes on the drop table that 1000+ chaos, blood, soul, or etc. should be obtained. This should make Demonic Barrows a consistent money maker. Edit: Looking back at this, I think demonic barrows gear should be much rarer, to encourage players to keep playing the minigame and to keep the value of the armor pretty high. My new thought is for donors with double drops to obtain an item about 1 in every 5 chests. Nondonors would respectively get a demonic barrows item about 1 in 10. This can obviously be adjusted as felt necessary. Finally, what are the stats of the gear?! I think the sets should have comparable stats to god wars tiered gear. As an example, Dharok's greataxe has 103 slash and 95 crush attack bonuses with 105 strength bonus. A standard godsword has 132 slash and 80 crush attack bonuses with 132 strength bonus. I think Demonic Dharok's greataxe should receive about a 25% - 33% increase in these stats, (even though a godsword's crush attack is much lower than Dharok's greataxe to begin with.) This would make Demonic Dharok's greataxe have similar stats to a godsword, but it doesn't have a special attack. The set effect is what you would be aiming for, not just using the weapon by itself. I think all gear within reason should receive this 25% - 33% increase across all stats within reason. You get the picture. Since I would not be coding this, I will obviously not go through every single barrows item and compare them to other items and list every single item's here... that would be ridiculous. This is an idea, not an officially announced Simplicity update. For those curious, my thought of the way the armor would look is identical in shape to normal Barrows, for the sake of "Simplicity." The color, however, would be a darkish red tint throughout the armor. The various areas of the armor and weapons where there is the yellowish-white tint for decoration could be darker as well, but not as dark as the rest of it in order to retain the same color area schemes. The items in the inventory and on the ground would obviously be painted to match. Extra If this Demonic Barrows minigame comes into play, I think later down the line it could be added into existing or future mystery boxes at respective chances. Maybe add Demonic bolt racks? Normal bolt racks have +70 ranged strength. Demonic could be about +90. If a fully functional amulet of the damned were added, I think there should be 2 versions made: - One that is the amulet of the damned we know that only functions with normal barrows gear. - A second that is a Demonic Amulet of the Damned that works with Demonic barrows gear. This would only function with Demonic Barrows sets, naturally. The stats of this amulet I think should also be higher, to be on line with a blood necklace. PS: If these amulets were added... I think it would be a badass idea to have them not degrade, but be a rare drop from barrows in their respective difficulties. I think about 1 in 500 chests for nondonors and 1 in 250 chests for donors would be suitable values. P.P.S: One reason people love to farm raids, Tekton, Warmonger and etc. are for their very valuable rare drops. These amulets I think would be perfect for this. There could even be other added rare drops to the drop table to revive this minigame. All of my ideas listed above are... ideas. It's just spit balled numbers my silver-tongued brain threw out onto your screen. If anything sounds underpowered, overpowered, stupid, awesome, unbelievably knock-your-pancakes-off-your-griddle sickenly terrifying, (uh, if that's your idea of a good or bad thing) then mention it.
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