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  1. waffels


    Its pog and I want it. Please? https://gyazo.com/9e029ac1e6fad9efbdaae78c7f278c89
  2. Owner Arthur - I've literally never talked to this man, but he seems to do a good job and that is highly appreciated. Supreme - Same thing as Arthur tbh, but very pog Kevin - guy messages me all the time to donate money, other then that good lad. Management Foly - Same thing as Kevin Shiftynex - Very pog person. Donation Manager Jor - Semi pog person, never won a major prize out of his goodiebag so pretty sure it's 100% rigged. ProBaillie - Who? Head Administrator Rapiid Ags - Ah mate I love Rapiid, straight pog. Kattrockbell - Katt is the Taco queen, straight pog. Mak3 - Corp. Administrator Dro - Who? Sezy - Pog, sold me sirenic, good lad. AK 47 - Mate he can't rap at all. Charmie - WHO???????? Head Moderator Couvee Jr - Couvee is the kid. Fatal Novaz - Fatal is perm afk, very sad because he's pretty pog Sleepinwmy9 - WHO? Moderator Ntho Skiller - The pog pvmer, he good dude. Pixie Joe - What can't I say about Joe, she's incredibly active, attentive, and knowledgeable. She will help even if she doesn't full know the subject, but she will try her hardest to understand it and give the person the most amount of help possible and it's incredibly pog. She is a great staff member. Rob Macabre - Hahaha Rob does TOB with me so its pog Xelta - WHO? Server Support Big wewestew - Stew is the boy, very pog. Kreatiivs - No idea who this is Slinky Joey - Joey's the gamble homie. Ganjaclown - WHO? R M B T - Haha pog.
  3. Mate, fantastic idea. I present the gentlemen skiller.
  4. waffels


    please https://gyazo.com/3c25fe88da6bad3e627e815b0bb3cbe4
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