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  1. 5) name me a server with an accurate player count. None do.
  2. i'd say no lmao such a bad idea, would make comping 1000x easier. would be shit
  3. Current rares collection - its for sale, hit me pms if you want it. no silly ofers .
  4. Congratulations, not sure the pink suits @ Charmie though ❤️
  5. Sad time’s when @ Bernard leaves the team. 😭 grats to @ Nate and @ Sezy though 👌 see what the future holds from you 2 😋
  6. Quality banter mate, can you repost you git gud? ❤️
  7. also when donating $30 - message a donation manager for goodiebag, if you do 50+ you pm them for the current ::ddeals
  8. I see no big man 😏 congratulations though dude surprised it’s been this long 🤭
  9. does say concept but i'll take into consideration what you've suggested as i always appreciate feedback
  10. Yoyo, been a while since uploading, got issues irl right now so i've been slacking, but heres my latest concept - something i've been working on over the course of 4-5 days. hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed creating it. nature bow.mp4
  11. Congratulations @ Sleepinwmy9 you’ll do great 🤭
  12. Yes it is - if you go to catherby, where the fishing shops would be in rs have little pools to fish from. They are rock tails. -nice guide @ Mandi would you follow up with methods on best ways to go about each achieve etc? Would be a good read for people new and old ☺️
  13. There are currently 2 or 3 bosses that drop donor scrolls, rare drops but obtainable, like mak3 said you can get them on pos quite easily, 4b per 10 is reasonably priced aswell, I defo disagree with the idea, like Charmie said boss and trivia need buffing but not to the extent with scrolls.
  14. Unfortunately there is no guarantee of it being added, i would need the support of multiple people & staff for it to be considered
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