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  1. spud

    Simplicity Pets

    All BUT Heron/Beaver Pets are able to be Exchanged for A EXP Lamp Located West of ::shops, outside Sumona Slayer masters Room Skilling Pets: Gives Bonus EXP in the Skill Runecrafting- Cannot be obtained from the Energy Orbs, You'll have to Get from making Runes. Fishing- Pretty Easily obtained Thru Westerfish Woodcutting- Another Easy to obtain pet via any tree/AFK tree Thieving- Can be Obtained on any stall Farming- Can be Obtained on any Patch Mining- Can be obtained Thru ::Star and Regular rocks. Agility- Can be obtained on all the Courses PVM Pets: Pet Rock Crab Baby Blue Dragon Blue Dragon Green Dragon Frost Dragon Black Dragon King Black Dragon Commander Zilyana (Saradomin GWD) K'ril Tsutsaroth (Zamorak GWD) Kree'Ara (Armadyl GWD) General Graardor (Bandos GWD) Nex Jungle Styrkewyrm Desert Strykewyrm Ice Strykewyrm WildyWyrm Kraken Lizardman Shaman Kalphite Queen Princess Verzik Vitur (Theatre of Blood) Chaos Elemental (Wildy) Venenatis (Wildy) Scorpia (Wildy) Abyssal Sire Hellpuppy (Cerberus) Phoenix Skotizo Slash Bash Bork Giant Mole Barrelchest Bandos Avatar Dagannoth King Supreme Dagannoth King Prime Dagannoth King Rex Tormented Demon Corporeal Beast Alchemical Hydra Tztok-Jad (Obtained Thru Tokkul Shop) Tektiny (Obtained Thru Tekton Event) Superior Pets Superior Pets can be obtained Thru Certain mystery boxes as well as PvM The only Pets that can be made Superior are: Tzrek-Zuk (Inferno) Vorkath Olmlet If you get them via PvM you will have to Talk to the Note Trader inside Home bank The Superior Scroll costs 50b to buy from here. If i missed any Please let me know I'll update If and when new pets are added! Thanks for checking this out!
  2. Hey everyone here is a list of Ideas I had Some are from my Old posts but might as well repost Farming guild in Zeah, for Tree patches, herb and allotment patches (as a possible high level farming zone) Adding Coal bag to stardust mining shop Add Prospector gear to Stardust mining shop(give Bonus exp or possibly bonus ores per rock) Also add farming contracts or just adding Farmer's gear from Tithe farming. Make certain skills such as Crafting more profitable (By making amulets sell to gen store AS of RN prices are 398gp for sapphire, 618 for emerald, 1080 for ruby, 1898 for diamond, 52,461 for Dragonstones.Would be nice to have like 5k for sapphire, 10k emerald, 20k ruby, 30k diamond, 100k Dragonstone.) Add Hunter Skilling pet- Golden Chinchompa Adding OSRS Deep Wildy chaos altar Noted Bone prayer training location (like OSRS) Adding Skilling contracts + Skilling Points Store Adding Red spider eggs to herblore shop This ones a stretch but i think it'd be neat, making a random event somewhat like the star or evil tree but for fishing. I was thinking like a minnow pool spawn and a shop where you can spend minnows in order to buy Angler Gear for a fishing exp boost. Here's a photo of the minnow location in the fishing guild on osrs.Maybe making them spawn every 30-45 minutes Witch-Doctor outfit as a Herblore skilling outfit for bonus exp/fashionscape I'll Add more as I think of them. Let me know what you all think! Thanks for checking my ideas out!
  3. As we all know for Range after Sagittarian there isn't much more to get range armor wise other than Light Sagi. My Idea would be Sacred Clay Range set being introduced as the next stage above regular Sagi armor wise. Sort of how melee sets goes torva -> justiciar -> clay it'd make range sets pernix -> sagi -> clay It would be obtainable either thru throwing sagi into the well or thru the Sacred Clay Beast Some of the other drops could consist of a Sacred Clay Pickaxe that would mine 2x ore And The Sacred Clay Bow The Bow alone could be worse than a twisted bow but combined with the Clay range set would get a Set bonus making it stronger and/or faster than the Twisted bow. Lemme know what you folks think, it'd be nice to add to the Ranger armor Tiers.
  4. spud

    Fishing Guide

    Firstly I'd Like to start with How to get here and the Shop. Start by Clicking the Fishing skill. *Red Vine Worms are used for Rocktail Fishing. *Xp Rates are without any Bonus Exp items Such as Vote scrolls, Brawling gloves, Heron pet, Master cape Small Fishing Net Shrimp 580 xp (Level- 1) Anchovy 1,100 xp (Level- 15) Fishing Rod - Bait Sardine 1,300 xp (Level- 5) Herring 1,960 xp (Level- 10) Big Fishing Net Monkfish 13,970 xp (Level- 62) Fly Fishing - Lure Trout 3,100 xp (Level- 20) Salmon 4,240 xp (Level- 30) Rocktail 64,032 xp (Level- 90) Lobster Pot Lobster 5,960 xp (Level- 40) Dark Crab 54,168 xp (Level- 85) Harpoon Tuna 5,060 xp (Level- 35) Swordfish 10,200 xp (Level- 50) Shark 17,094 xp (Level- 76) AnglerFish Vessel AnglerFish 125,050 xp (Level- 82)* You can Fish Dark Crabs In the Wildy Resource Area at 51 wildy Reqs: Lobster Pot, Dark Fishing Bait, Level 85 In Order to Fish Rocktails you'll need 90 Fishing, Fly Fishing Rod, Red Vine Worms There is a handful of locations for Rocktails Such as: Catherby Bait Shop - East of Crafting Teleport Rogue's Castle - Wilderness teleports 51 Wild (Benefit: Noted Rocktails) Bronze Donor Zone ::DI (Benefit: Close to Bank) *Can Fish Anglerfish Inside Arthur's Realm (Max zone) Anglerfish only Requires 82 fishing, Anglerfish Vessel, and Cave Worms HOWEVER you need to have ALL 99's in order to Access them
  5. spud

    Crystal Key Loot

    Hey Everyone welcome to my Loot table for Crystal Keys This is all from 2,000 crystal keys on a non donor account Crystal keys are a pretty solid source for exp lamps as you can see avg about 1/40 Thanks for checking my guide out!
  6. spud

    Acouple Ideas

    Nechryarch: My idea of this Boss would be to have multiple Magic oriented drops such as: Among other drops Tormented bracelet alone would be same stats as flame gloves but (or) version slightly better than flames (e) magic wise Along with the Imbued Heart doing it's normal boost: In my opinion it would be nice to make it require either a certain slayer level of 80+ or make the Boss unlockable via Slayer points Also making his location in the wilderness 2. Adding Callisto pet to Callisto's drop table 3. Adding Dark claw To Skotizo drop table to make: Idea for helm would be increased magic damage while on task more than regular full slay helm Thanks for checking out some of my suggestions, Let me know what you think Thanks
  7. Welcome to my Herblore Experience Table Firstly click the Herblore Skill to teleport there: Herblore Store The book is the Ingredients Book Cleaning Herb Exp Rate Potion Experience Table Refer to Ingredients Book for Extreme potion mixes and Overload Extreme Attack = 17,720 xp Extreme Strength = 19,012 xp Extreme Defence = 20,008 xp Extreme Magic = 21,632 xp Extreme Range = 23,696 xp Overload = 52,412 xp Xp based on Well of Goodwill xp rates By following this guide you should have 99 within an hour Congrats on 99 Herblaw!
  8. spud

    Smithing Guide

    Smithing Where to start: By clicking the Smithing Skill Smithing Shop Smelting Smelting XP Rates Bronze bar 100xp Iron Bar 360xp Steel Bar 500xp Mithril Bar 1,000xp Adamant Bar 1,400xp Rune Bar 2,000xp *xp is based on 1 bar and with Well of Goodwill active without smithing brawlers Brawlers increase exp by about 12.5% if my math is right going from 18,000xp per bar to 22,500xp Level 1-15 Buy 6 Bronze bars and make a couple bronze daggers. Level 15-30 Make 6 Iron daggers which should get to level 30 Level 30-50 Buy some Steel bars and proceed to make 4 Daggers (2,700 xp) until Level 35 Make Steel Arrowtips (3,240xp) in preparation for Fletching Which will take roughly 25 Steel Bars for 35-50 Level 50-70 Proceed to make Mithril Daggers (5,610 xp) until level 55 You can either Start making Mithril Arrowtips (5,310xp) Slightly less exp but for Fletching later on or Carry on with Daggers. Daggers are more exp per bar compared to 2-3 bar items. Approx 120 Bars for 50-70 doing Mith Arrowtips Approx 114 Bars for 50-70 doing Mith Daggers Level 70-85 Start with Adamant Daggers (8,700xp) until level 71 Approx 9 Bars Proceed to make Adamant hatchets (8,870xp) until level 73 Approx 21 Bars At level 73 Make Adamant Bolts (9,000xp) until level 85 Approx 252 Bars At level 75 you can make Adamant Arrowtips (8,610xp) for Fletching Approx 264 Bars Level 85-99 Make Rune Daggers (17,610xp) until Level 86 Approx 19 Bars Start making Rune Hatchets or Bolts at level 88 (18,000xp) At Level 90 you unlock Rune Arrowtips (11,100xp) if you plan on comping i recommend just making the 5,000 arrowtips which would be roughly 334 Bars and 3.7m getting you halfway thru level 95 If you're not aiming to comp and just want to max then continue with Rune bolts from level 90-99 Approx 428 Bars Congratulations on your New Smithing Cape!
  9. my bad bro i shoulda explained it alil better this is what i meant
  10. we have presets yeah but not the withdraw/deposit by X amounts but ye neither really NEEDED but would be handy af since most don't realize what presets mean
  11. Hey Guys/Gals thanks for checking out my suggestions, Firstly i'd like to start with: QOL suggestions Banking System like OSRS where you can withdraw/deposit by 1, 5, 10, X, ALL (i.e) Make more armor/robes able to be made into Set Boxes to save on bank space Adding Herb Sack to slayer shop Adding Coal/Gem bags to stardust mining shop Regular Suggestions (Some I've suggested a while back) Add Prospector gear to Stardust mining shop(give Bonus exp or possibly bonus ores per rock) Add Thermonuclear Smoke devil to add a new BIS Magic amulet aka Occult necklace Adding Tormented bracelet as new BIS Magic Gloves Add Grotesque Guardians to make Guardian boots more available Add Magic Fang to Zulrahs drop table, Making Toxic Trident of the Swamp Available ingame Farming guild in Zeah, for Tree patches, herb and alottment patches (as a possible high level farming zone) Also add farming contracts or just adding Farmer's gear from Tithe farming. Be able to make more common pets into Superiors, make them cost 2 scrolls to upgrade rather than 1. (would make it 100B to make it superior and takes some $$ out of game) Make certain skills such as Crafting more profitable (By making amulets sell to gen store AS of RN prices are 398gp for sapphire, 618 for emerald, 1080 for ruby, 1898 for diamond, 52,461 for dragonstones. Would be nice to have like 5k for sapphire, 10k emerald, 20k ruby, 30k diamond, 100k dragonstone.) Add Hunter Skilling pet Golden Chinchompa Adding OSRS Deep Wildy chaos altar Noted Bone prayer training location Adding Skilling contracts + Store (Store could include, 3rd age axe(BIS Buyable hatchet), other items i was talking of like farmers/ prospector/angler sets, Golden tench, i can go on and on) If I think of anything else I'll add onto this list Thanks for checkin er out :] *More ideas thought of after OG POST* Adding Rogues clothing set as a Thieving skilling set (that you'll receive pieces randomly while thieving) When siphoning Energy Fragments in RC it'd be nice if the Source could drop 50-100 fragments when it dies Be able to zoom further out
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