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  1. spud

    Daily Tasks basically what i was thinking was having daily pvm/skilling tasks where you'd be rewarded with points to a shop with generic items such as: mystery boxes up to diamond new cosmetics for skillers Rest can be figured out later on if this shows interest i have tons of ideas. As it goes for the tasks make them sort of run in line with achievements such as: make 200 rune bars make x amount of dart tips make x amount of power amulets fletch x amount of magic longbows runecraft x amount of death runes Again if this shows interest i can make a list up of tasks they can vary on points and difficulty but i would think it could be a nice addition for skillers and newer players.
  2. Must say I have sold off a handful of some of the rarer items as i went. So add another 3 druidic tops/bottoms and 2 staves/wreaths/cloaks. Also add on another 2 santas, 2 baskets and 3 bunny ears. Believe it or not, a Raw Tuna seems to be one of the rarest items you can receive lol. Here the actual junk tab Let me know what you guys think, took a lot of clicking but we finally got here.
  3. spud

    As many players know, The Barrows mini-game is nearly dead content. Only players who are there are iron men which makes sense. The profit per/hr just isn't there even for straight off the island new players. I think a major help would be since the demand and prices for barrows sets are relatively low, besides maybe Dharoks and Ahrims. My suggestion would be to raise the High Alch prices of these items. As of right now their High Alch prices are: Karil's Coif: 32,400 karil's X-bow: 333,200 Karil's Leathertop: 2,100,200 Karils skirt: 524,500 Total set: 2,990,300 Ahrim's Hood: 68,000 Ahrim's Staff: 75,100 Ahrim's Robetop: 1,100,200 Ahrim's Robeskirt: 830,200 Total set : 2,073,500 Torag's Helm: 389,100 Torag's Platebody: 640,400 Torag's Platelegs: 883,100 Torag's Hammers: 111,600 Total set: 2,024,200 Verac's Helmet: 1,200,200 Verac's Flail: 110,500 Verac's Brassard: 310,500 Verac's Skirt: 856,000 Total set: 2,477,200 Guthan's Helmet: 1,100,200 Guthan's Warspear: 942,700 Guthan's Platebody: 579,100 Guthan's Chainskirt: 339,400 Total set: 2,961,400 Dharok's Helm: 1,600,200 Dharok's Greataxe: 478, 200 Dharok's Platelegs: 977,300 Dharok's Platebody: 668,200 Total set: 3,723,900 I was thinking maybe make Karils, Guthans, Torags, Veracs alch for 15m a piece, and dharoks and ahrims alch for 25m a piece This in my opinion would increase the flow of new players to barrows, and would give an alternate option other than campin ::lava for hours. I'd also add Amulet of the damned as a new item to boost barrows sets effects or something along them lines.
  4. spud

    Grotesque guardians would be a great mid tier boss for players with a certain slayer level maybe level 90+ also would be nice to make it so you could only kill while on a gargoyle/grotesque guardian task as it is on osrs, this could prevent it from being farmed too much The main drops would be obviously the dope pet "noon" Also they'd drop the black tourmaline core that when used on Bandos boots would make Guardian boots This would make Bandos boots have somewhat of a use possibly making Bandos more money for new players, also creating another mid-tier players who don't have twisted bow or scythe yet but could still kill it with a magma bp They also drop Granite dust as a 100% drop, this would make granite cannonballs which could increase the cannons max hit by 5
  5. Here is the loot from 2,500 Easy Clue scrolls In my opinion, easy clues are a good way to break up the daily grind and possibly even make some decent money. Will be uploading a loot from 10,000 easy clues in the near future
  6. Here is the loot you can expect from 500 elite clue scrolls, which took roughly 10 hours to complete. Nothing too wild to be honest, but a pretty solid source of supplies.
  7. spud

    Elite Clue Scroll loot Elite Clues can be 1-4 steps all located in the wilderness. All of the loots seem to be equally common, with skilling resources being pretty much consistent Skilling Resources Barrows and PvP Armor sets Misc Cosmetics Boxes Wizard, Archery, Warrior boxes, gold bags, stone keys all seem to have the same drop rate. Dragon hatchet and cut onyx is also very common. Unfortunately this is the "best" loot from Elite Clue scrolls as of right now.
  8. spud

    Hey guys just some random ideas that i thought of earlier. My first idea was about how Meh (elite) clue scrolls actually are, unless there is some rewards that I'm not aware of i think its loot table should be redone or maybe reduce the steps it takes to receive the casket. I would love to see certain clue related items be brought into the game for fashionscape purposes, such as 3rd age bow, wand, and hatchet, i know there is 3a long swords in-game and they're beyond rare but in my opinion they would make a great addition to the elite clue loot table. Also a great item in my opinion would be the Faithful Shield, purely cosmetic but it'd be a great way to make elites more worth while. Along with smaller cosmetics such as gilded apron, gilded chefs hat, 2h, spade, boots. As of right now the best loot I've ever gotten has been archery boxes which isn't terrible but for how long it takes to do the elite it's barely worth it. Also would be nice to add milestone rewards to clue scrolls like osrs has, once you complete 500 easy clues you'd receive the "Large Spade" And the "Heavy Casket" after completing 200 elite clues My second idea was of a new boss, The Avatar Of Creation I was thinking of the loot table, and it would be nice to make it a good alternative to other high tier bosses by having it drop items such as Anger weaponry like the sword, battleaxe, mace. In my eyes it would open up three other alternatives for newer players who don't have 180b to drop on a scythe or 20b for a rapier for melee. I know the sword is already in-game but the others would be nice to see. Also it'd be nice to get another way to obtain a ring of bosses other than thru well or donation even if it is insanely rare the chance of it being a loot would be awesome especially for newer players/irons who don't have the funds/ring of the gods to well. I was thinking of it possibly having some smaller minions to increase its difficulty. As it's names avatar of creation, if possible, i think it'd be awesome to make it summon said minions when its hp hits a certain percent, sorta like Jad would summon it's healers. And of course having a pet for this bad boy would be beyond cool. Which leads me into this, my third idea: Adding more PvM Pets As you already have a wide variety of pets on here i think it'd be nice to add pets to certain monsters who don't necessarily get too much traffic other than slayer along with certain bosses. As a player who really only goes to monsters who drop pets, they're the main reason i'm experiencing half of the monsters on here as some are really only known for the pet reward and nothing else. Monsters such as Metal dragons, bronze through mithril, Red dragon, Tarn, Glacors, Warmonger, Abyssal demons, dark beast, Demonic Gorillas, Ancient or Long-tail wyverns, King Kurask, Drakes. Some have really nice drops but are so tough to kill (and they look awesome) i think adding pets to their drop table would bring other players like me to go sit there for hours on end to grind for their collection of pets. Also adding the golden chinchompa as the Hunter pet would be awesome as well Just sort of throwing these ideas out there, lemme know what ya'll think thanks
  9. spud

    thanks everyone
  10. spud

    agreed it takes alot longer to obtain comp cape than spendin 20b on a boss cape +1
  11. spud

    Easy Clue Scroll Loot Common Clue Rewards Bat Staff, Cat staff, Wolf staff, Penguin staff Dragon staff Uncommon Clue Rewards Rare Clue Rewards I believe I have listed practically all items you can receive from Easy Clues, other than the misc junk and food If i missed anything feel free to let me know or post into the comments I'll be working on some Elite clues in the upcoming week
  12. spud

    oh god thats a game changer thanks lol
  13. spud

    Making magic secateurs count towards torstol achievement, i.e if you harvest 6 torstols with magic sec equipped only 3 will count towards the achievement. An accurate clue scroll counter as the one that pops up when you open a clue isn't close. Adding the Bloodhound pet to elite clue scrolls would be an exciting new pet to possibly make elites more worth while Changing 3rd age pickaxe mining animation, as of right now it shows adze Adding prospector outfit to stardust shop for an added mining exp boost would be a nice addition Adding a coal bag and/or gem bag to stardust shop also Completionists log (book from osrs) - shows all the drops each boss has, and all the ones you've gotten plus the killcount on said boss. Would be a nice alternative to the ::finddrops option or quest tab one. This has probably been said before but a timer for when your overload will run out, also for when a normal boss will spawn. Fix the delay between making glories, or make them auto make please. Also the delay between using a preset and being able to teleport via a talisman, ran into that while working on blood rune achievement. Fix some of the POH lil bugs like when you make any marble it'll be blue. This ones a stretch but i think it'd be neat, making a random event somewhat like the star or evil tree but for fishing. I was thinking like a minnow pool spawn and a shop where you can spend minnows in order to buy Angler Gear for a fishing exp boost. Here's a photo of the minnow location in the fishing guild on osrs, maybe making them spawn every 30-45 minutes
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