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  1. thanks everyone
  2. agreed it takes alot longer to obtain comp cape than spendin 20b on a boss cape +1
  3. Easy Clue Scroll Loot Common Clue Rewards Bat Staff, Cat staff, Wolf staff, Penguin staff Dragon staff Uncommon Clue Rewards Rare Clue Rewards I believe I have listed practically all items you can receive from Easy Clues, other than the misc junk and food If i missed anything feel free to let me know or post into the comments I'll be working on some Elite clues in the upcoming week
  4. oh god thats a game changer thanks lol
  5. Making magic secateurs count towards torstol achievement, i.e if you harvest 6 torstols with magic sec equipped only 3 will count towards the achievement. An accurate clue scroll counter as the one that pops up when you open a clue isn't close. Adding the Bloodhound pet to elite clue scrolls would be an exciting new pet to possibly make elites more worth while Changing 3rd age pickaxe mining animation, as of right now it shows adze Adding prospector outfit to stardust shop for an added mining exp boost would be a nice addition Adding a coal bag and/or gem bag to stardust shop also Completionists log (book from osrs) - shows all the drops each boss has, and all the ones you've gotten plus the killcount on said boss. Would be a nice alternative to the ::finddrops option or quest tab one. This has probably been said before but a timer for when your overload will run out, also for when a normal boss will spawn. Fix the delay between making glories, or make them auto make please. Also the delay between using a preset and being able to teleport via a talisman, ran into that while working on blood rune achievement. Fix some of the POH lil bugs like when you make any marble it'll be blue. This ones a stretch but i think it'd be neat, making a random event somewhat like the star or evil tree but for fishing. I was thinking like a minnow pool spawn and a shop where you can spend minnows in order to buy Angler Gear for a fishing exp boost. Here's a photo of the minnow location in the fishing guild on osrs, maybe making them spawn every 30-45 minutes