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  1. Sam

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    Thank you! Sounds good, just hit me up with a PM or fill the Template out and comment it on here
  2. Hey Guys! here are some ideas, I thought it would be cool to share them. And who knows @Arthur may like some of them and make them real. First idea: Add Bounty Hunter to the game, make Pking a thing on the server. It's always fun to be able to make bank without PVMing only, you should add drops to killed Bounty Targets. The higher the killstreak of the enemy is, the higher the chance for the drop should be. [DROP EXAMPLES] Bounty Hunter Box (Chance on one of the items, 5M Coins, X Bounty Hunter Points) Dragon Claws Chaotic Weapons Godswords ... and more There also should be a Bounty Hunter shop added, where you can spent your Bounty Hunter Points. (Add own suggestions, comment below) Second idea: There is a thread which is showing us the Donator benefits, as soon as you do the ingame command ::benefits Link: CLICK HERE FOR THE THREAD In my opinion there should be better ways to make bank as a donator, there should be more options and benefits as a donator. That's why I thought there should be NPC's for every Donator rank that drop [Donator Boxes] the AFK tree's arent enough in my opinion. Here is an example of how they could look like, the higher the ranks the better the loot should be. Bronze Mystery Box, Silver Mystery Box, Gold Mystery Box As the most of us know there is an NPC called Reanimated demon Spawn at the Donator Zone, thats how it looks like: My idea would be to add NPC's for every Donator Area. EXAMPLE: Reanimated Bronze Demon, Reanimated Silver Demon, Reanimated Gold Demon Third idea: I think there should be added more items to the Dungeoneering Shop, EXAMPLE Primal, Gorgonite, Katagon... and more. Fourth idea: I just joined new to the server, and I saw how many players own a Tbow, I think it would be sick to add a new one which shots twice per shot and make it super rare. not sure if the Developer would be able to make it change colours, if not you should be able to operate it to change the colours: Purple, Green, Blue it would also be cool if you could create this super rare item by using those super rare Crystals on your Tbow, which you can receive from PVMing. (EXAMPLE): Note: you'd need to use all three Crystals on your Tbow to create a Tbow (b) Purple Ancient Crystal (B) Green Ancient Crystal (B) Blue Ancient Crystal (B) Tbow (B) Fifth idea: New userbars for the forums, since the current ones seem boring, (EXAMPLE) CREATED BY MYSELF: Thanks for reading my thread, I put much time and work into it and I had to create alot of stuff in Photoshop to make it easy to understand.
  3. Sam

    Sam's [GFX SHOP]

    Thank you! but not really, just Kevin who bought stuff :c
  4. Sam

    Sam's [GFX SHOP]

    Template: Fill the Template out and PM me or comment down below The more you pay the better the quality and more time will be invested into the Graphic art. Text: 3D or tag?: Sub-text (if any): Theme (nature,call of duty, rsps?): Should the background be transparent?: Render (provide link, preferably a render without a background): Colour scheme: Offer (Payment): Latest Work. Hide contents Hide contents I made this: Out of this one: Animated signatures. Hide contents Hide contents Unanimated signatures. Hide contents Hide contents


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