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  1. some good suggestions, thank you Big love-
  2. Sounds like an awesome idea, try to also make a youtube series - that would be epic Big love-
  3. Nice work. Big love-
  4. We, as staff of the server, hear you out and appreciate any criticisms you have - we actually like it, as we then know where to go with future updates. So thank you for this post, and I further commend you on your passion for the server to improve. This post will definitely be spoken about in the next meeting and hopefully we can work off of this to improve the server to the best that we can for you. Big love- (Side note, I have moved this to suggestions).
  5. Love all of the suggestions, will be brought up in the next meeting for sure. Big love,
  6. Awesome + quick fixes - Cheers dev team! Your work is much appreciated. Big love-
  7. Big love
  8. Some good suggestions, some will be looked into. Big love-
  9. Hi all, some people have been asking about prices etc, so I've decided to put together a price guide (with some help from @Sean4755 so big thanks to him) Before we get into the actual list, if anyone would like to dispute the prices then please just put a reply and I will confer with some people about it and then change it (as we all know the prices change daily). Item Price Mystery Box's Bronze Mystery Box 200-300m Gold Mystery Box 500-700m Diamond Mystery Box 1b - 2b Archery Box 250-400m Warrior Box 250-400m Wizard Box 150m (doesnt get sold often) Elite Archery Box 1.5-1.9b Elite Warrior Box 1.7-2b Elite Wizard Box 900m (doesnt get sold often) Six Month Bag 400 - 500m Sapphire Box 11-14b Emerald Box 20-25b Ruby Box 40-45b Infinity Box 20-25b Kevins Birthday Box 6b +- Raid mBox ** 10b +- Mage Gear Virtus Robe Top 800-900m Virtus Legs 800-900m Virtus Mask 800-900m Ancestral Hat 10-15b Ancestral Top 10-15b Ancestral Bottoms 10-15b Celestial Hat 30-60b a piece (200-250b a set) Celestial Top Celestial Bottoms Celestial Shoes Celestial Gloves Sanguinesti Staff 70-80b Sanguinesti Staff X 2 trill +- Flame Gloves/ Flame E 300-400m/ 20-25b Demonic SS 8-10b Range Gear Pernix Chaps 3-4b Pernix Cowl 3-4b Pernix Body 3-4b Sagittarian Body 75b a set (15b a piece) Sagittarian Boots Sagittarian Gloves Sagittarian Legs Sagittarian Coif Magma Blowpipe 4-5b *price is going up Twisted Bow 80-100b Dark Twisted Bow 135-150b Fire Twisted Bow Light Twisted Bow 300-340b 900b -1.3 trill Handcannon 100m Handcannon X 300-350b Melee Gear Torva Helm 1.4-1.8b Torva Platebody 1.4-1.8b Torva Platelegs 1.4-1.8b Justiciar Faceguard 10-13b Justiciar Chestguard 10-13b Justiciar Legguards 10-13b Sacred Clay Helm 160-180b for full set Sacred Clay Body Sacred Clay Legs Dark Sacred Clay Helm 3-5t Dark Sacred Clay Body Dark Sacred Clay Legs Vorkath Whip 300m Scythe 170-200b Scythe X 400-450b Scythe XI 1.5 - 2 trill Item Price Party Hats/Rares Red partyhat 6-9 Yellow partyhat 6-9 Blue partyhat 6-10 Purple partyhat 6-10 Green partyhat 6-10 White partyhat 6-10 Black partyhat 4-5b Rainbow partyhat super rare idk Sky Blue Partyhat 25-30b lava partyhat 20-25 Pink/lime partyhat 20b Santa hat - black/reg 4-5b H'weens 10-15b Pink/Lime/Lava santas 15-20b Misc cosmetics 5-10b ^bunny ears, sleds etc Capes Quest Point Cape 4-4.5b Deathcape 8-12b Corp Cape 12-20b Nex Cape 15-25b Vorkath Cape 25-30b Raids 1 Cape 45-60b Hydra Cape 30-35b Angelic Cape 800b-1t+ Verzik Cape 150-250b Sack of presents 70-100b Rings/Amulets Ring of Bosses 15-20b Split Dragontooth 600m-1b Anguish (or) 10-13b Scrolls $10 4.5-5.3
  10. Speak to Kevin in-game. Big love-
  11. Don't think this will be happening, asked before Big love-
  12. +1 great effort into the post Big love-
  13. Just on the "weekly updates", I believe Arthur likes to do a large update instead of small ones. Appreciate you playing + enjoying the server brother - if you need anything, give me a shout Big love-
  14. Nice to meet you, hope to see you around in game. If you need anything, gimmie a shout! Big love-
  15. To be completely honest, I think onyx hall should be sorted out first. There are a lot more onyx members nowadays and there are definitely not enough porazadir's to suiter to them (although there are other bosses, poraz is of course the only one people do). Crystal however, I believe, has adequate space with the boss zone (having 4 dawns, 9 poraz and 6 ankous), and then the lizardmen zone also being an addition onto that (there could possibly be a bigger zone for the lizardmen so that more can be added). Big love-