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  1. Looks great Mandi! I'm sure this will help a lot of players out to comp! keep up the good work -5chris7
  2. ::thread 272 treasure island guide / rewards ::thread 24 Gambling Rules ::thread 27 clue scroll locations ::thread 1112 stats for most items / how to craft / shows bis items aswell ::thread 1115 clue scroll rewards ::thread 1318 cows guide ::thread 44 trivia answers ::thread 1088 boss guide ::thread 490 beginners money guide ::thread 1171 skeletal mystics money guide ::thread 1169 all in 1 new player guide ::thread 210 well chances / what you can upgrade ::thread 1246 orb bonus event ::thread 1231 price guide ::thread 579 - vorkath guide ::thread 1334 for achievement guide (if any others u can think of comment on this topic i will add it)
  3. Cows is an event created by the 1 and only Co-owner Kevin. In this event, an admin+ needs to start the cows in order to play. To enter - there are minimal requirements. All you will need to do is bank all your items in your inventory / person except for around 60m cash, then type ::cows This is the gear u will start out with and then progress as u kill the cows (ignore the avatar, was having fun) The cows will give decent gear as u kill them, admins put in special drops for example, $20 scrolls, sapphire boxes, etc.... your coins will diminish every minute by 1m. These events usually last anywhere from 30-60 mins or longer if the admin is feeling extra nice.(coins must be in inventory to join cows) The prize will automatically go into your inventory if u happen to win it. And medium drops will be in red in your chat box. (Note cows are currently slightly broken, to see them when entering run to the north fence, then to the south fence and they will start to appear) To see what cows normally drop do ::finddrop cow Cows can only hold 1 special item at a time so if u see an admin putting the same items in without it getting taken, he is adjusting the drop rate for it. If you are a Diamond+ the double drop rate doesn't apply for the special items. Tips n' Tricks If you somehow get lucky enough to get a Dharok's set, a great way to DH bomb is to prestige your hp and take off Soulsplit.
  4. Heeeeeellllllll no ur not moving my swamp
  5. looks pretty nice (: but lets be honest no1 will still pvp or dung lol
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