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  1. WOOOW !!! Thats a Very nice looking tab! must of taken some time to finish 2500 clue scrolls for sure. Awesome To See These Topics Spud :-)
  2. Nice spud! Very nice to See a loot tab of elite clue scrolls, especially from 500 of them
  3. I Love That Idea!
  4. Awesome ideas! Myself would love to see loot from 100-1000 kills of a certain monster. Could give new people but also ironmans/hardcore ironmans and ultimate ironmans a good vieuw which monster could help (with drops) for a certain grind such as, (Crafting/Fletching/New armour upgrades/Best coins dropper for as example: to safe for Dragonkin lamps if you would wanna skip a grind for a certain skill) Best of luck, and hope to see some videos out soon!
  5. AWESOME BROTHER! I love the dedecation you have into helping people out and making guides like these, This will defently help out the newer players for an awesome start (also a great way to become friends to secure your pvm spot) cant THANK YOU enough for doing this and keep it up brother! #bigzy it costs nothing to be a decent person!