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  1. Welcome ernst, Enjoy your stay here at SImplicity!
  2. This could be an interesting concept.
  3. Hello, welcome to simplicity. I believe we've talked a few times before. anyhow, Pm in-game if you have any questions!
  4. Welcome to simplicity! Hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions shoot a staff member a PM!
  5. Welcome to simplicity!! Enjoy your stay and if you need anything shoot a ::staff member a pm!
  6. Congratz to those promoted, well deserved!
  7. Great job, Justin. Forums are starting to pick up and It's amazing!
  8. Welcome to Simplicity! Enjoy your stay and if you have any questions shoot me a PM in-game/forums/discord!! -Shiftynex
  9. Welcome to Simplicity! Have any questions or concerns, send me a Pm ingame.
  10. I say yes to all, Buff all coin drops aswell. We need more cash in game!!!
  11. This theme works soooooo good on mobile, the search bar was a much needed update. Once this theme is completely finished, I'm positive it will be even better! Good job, @ Justin . -@ shiftynex
  12. Welcome to Simplicity!!! If you have any questions, just shoot any of our staff a PM and we'll be more than happy to help you out! Enjoy your stay!! -shiftynex
  13. Very clean, and very detailed. Keep up these fire guides, bigz.
  14. These were suggested already and on our list of needed fixes. Thanks for bringing this up again! -shiftynex!
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