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  1. shiftynex

    Has been sent to the higher ups, will be back to you shortly.
  2. shiftynex

    Very clean, and very detailed. Keep up these fire guides, bigz.
  3. shiftynex

    These were suggested already and on our list of needed fixes. Thanks for bringing this up again! -shiftynex!
  4. shiftynex

    From the looks of the logs, you took advantage of a new player. If there was any sort of mix up. everything will be reversed. WIll have our managers take a look at the situation for further assistance. As I talked to my superior and they classified it as scamming.. @Kevin @dutch Best regard, Shiftynex
  5. shiftynex

    WIll get this to the proper staff members to help you out! -shiftynex
  6. shiftynex

    This would definitely be a quality of life update. But right now I believe we're concerned more about fixing some current stuff. great suggestion tho. and would definitely like to see it added. -shiftynex
  7. shiftynex

    Keep the suggestions flowing in Subway, you're doing an excellent job. Giving us some great ideas to better improve the experience for new players. Much love!! -Shiftynex
  8. shiftynex


    Hope to see you back, safe and sound!! be safe hun!
  9. shiftynex

  10. shiftynex

    WIll pass this onto managers. As chargebacks are very serious and not taken lightly here. I don't think there's much we can do.
  11. shiftynex

    This usually happens when you use a VPN mostly. If you use a VPN at all, your account will be compromised. Will pass it on to the admins.
  12. shiftynex

    WIll have to get an admin to help you out! Will pass on your problem!
  13. shiftynex

    Will pass this bug along, Thanks for reporting it!
  14. shiftynex

    Welcome scarlette! Enjoy the good attitude you bring to the server! -Much love, Shiftynex
  15. shiftynex

    You've already posted an appeal, it's being processed. please don't make multiple threads of the same matter. -Simplicity Staff
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