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  1. Keep up the good work! Well deserved!
  2. Welcome to Simplicity!!! Hope you enjoy your time with us, if you have any questions PM any ::staff member that's online!!
  3. Looking great! Keep up the good work and the amazing tweaks and fixes! Excited to see the future development!
  4. Promotions: @ Liquids Has been promoted to Moderator! @ Pink Boots Has been promoted to Trial Server Support! Resignations: GIM Sang has decided to step down from his role as Server support. We wish him the best of luck on his future endeavors! We are actively looking for Na/eu Staff members, if you meet the requirements feel free to apply today HERE
  5. Hi Kevin, Welcome to Simplicity. If you need any help at all, Shoot me a PM in-game. or don't. up to you. -Shiftynex
  6. Hello players of Simplicity! I go by Shiftynex, I'm global admin alongside the well respected @ Bernard . A little about myself. I'm carefree, well balanced and love puzzles. I dedicate alot of my time to Simplicity for the simple fact that the community is something I Cherish. You all are my second family. I'm here to help you, With whatever you need. Feel free to shoot me a PM -Shiftynex
  7. Great update, and continuing to push out the bug fixes. Looking forward to the work coming in the future!
  8. Promotions: We are proud to announce that @ rapiid ags has been promoted to Administrator! We are proud to announce that @ Heroic has been promoted to Global Moderator! We are proud to announce @ shiftynex has been promoted to Global Administrator!
  9. Forwarded this to the rest of the staff team, Thanks for the suggestion. Let's see if we can get some more ways to make money going!
  10. This is a much needed guide. This is gonna be very useful to new players!
  11. Great update, Glad to see some of the QOL updates coming along Hope to see more of them coming along! Keep up the good work Development team! -Shiftynex
  12. shiftynex


    Welcome to Simplicity, Enjoy your stay and if you have any questions shoot any ::staff member a pm!! -Shiftynex
  13. Welcome ernst, Enjoy your stay here at SImplicity!
  14. This could be an interesting concept.
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