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  1. +1 will support!
  2. If that would be added, boss points gained would have to be lowered. it'd be too easy to farm for points.
  3. +1 I support this. Would be a great addition to the server and our community!
  4. I agree onyx zone needs a update, but we have updates in the making to add more content and what not. I hope these future updates please you! -Shiftynex
  5. ohhh, looking good blake. excited to see how these updates work out!
  6. I'm interested. would definitely like to see some new bosses.
  7. more bosses and weapons to collect? I'd like to see some new items and bosses. Hopefully the devs find interest in this after some much needed updates.
  8. It would be great if pets were tradable, but then everyone would have them. superior's are suppose to be a big achievement.
  9. OMG

    Welcome to Simplicity! Hope you enjoy your stay. need anything message me here or on the forums. Have a suggestions? please let us know! -shiftynex
  10. Looking good @spud. 2500 scrolls is an awful lot of time. haha. either way, it's a good thread to send new players to for clue loots.
  11. Looks good spud!, had a few people asking me what are some loots from clues. me not having done of mine yet, I had no idea what to tell them. this clears it up! +1
  12. Totally agree with the FFA event, could bring in a new category of players. looking forward to see how the development team responds to this!
  13. Welcome to simplicity! hope you enjoy yourself around the server. if you need anything or have questions feel free to PM me ingame, if I can't help there's also ::help ingame. enjoy your stay! -shiftynex