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  1. Update looks good! Can't wait to see what we do next! Super excited to hop in-game and look at the new updates and QOL fixes!
  2. Update looks amazing. Can't wait to get in-game and test out all these new features! Goodwork team!
  3. Good work @ Skovos . Great guide and very forthcoming. Sure this is going to help many players!
  4. Welcome to the team @ Jor ! Happy to have you onboard! Hope you enjoy our community and your time spent here on Simplicity!
  5. Event/update looks great! Can't wait to hop on and get this pet! Keep up the good work team! LET'S GO!!!!!!
  6. Update looks good, Can't want to collect the pets!! Keep up the good work! @development team!
  7. Staff Changes 07/09/2020 @ Skovos has been promoted to Administrator!
  8. Staff Changes 05/09/2020 @ Eli has been promoted to Server Support!!
  9. Staff Changes 30/08/2020 @ Riv has been promoted to Server Support!
  10. Staff Changes 26/08/2020 @ Akimbo has been promoted to Forum Moderator and Server Support!
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