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  1. Posted October 11
  2. Good luck homie keep up the grind
  3. as a noob I have to say I find this very racist smh
  4. ngl I think this needs a slight buff or nobody will ever do it
  5. got the vorkath pet pre update ez for me
  6. agree
  7. yep
  8. Mostly good but I have to say I do disagree with releasing a seasonal and soon to be discontinued item that cannot be obtained except through donator points that is also incredibly overpowered.
  9. I like this idea
  10. you don't need to donate and you don't need good gear to kill bosses, make billions, and earn some good gear
  11. pls olm dont report me for rag
  12. Good luck, but tbh this is misguided. Good gear makes things easier but it's not a prerequisite for even most endgame bosses.