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  1. Lost all my pkp's, wish we had a chance using them before u removed them.....
  2. +1
  3. Great 2 see that u finally removed wildy
  4. gz
  5. Nice guide man! This should help new players defeat Nex
  6. He did add rev cave and some new spawns for ww, but then he made pvp armor useless L. I doubt wildy will get any major updates Would love to see it tho
  7. +1
  8. nice update, plz make the superior pets tradeable again xoxoxxox
  9. Gratz on 99 slayer and gl rebuilding
  10. nice update! But i think u guys fkd up the 2x drops again
  11. Great guide! Finally i can do vorkath now thx alot
  12. #1 inferno slayer
  13. Nice updates!
  14. Great guide! 10/10