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  1. Well done. Always nice to see some good quality guides being made. Love the GIFs might night to up my guide game now thanks
  2. You know what that's a very good question. I'll do some testing in the morning to figure this out. I'll add a edit to my post in the mean time
  3. 99 Cooking Guide Note:well was active during this time for the double exp This guide will focus on Cooking. Cooking and fishing can be levelled at the same time however, in this example I am going to be using Charlie the cook. To easily get to the cooking area it is located west of ::home or you can get here by clicking on the cooking skill in your skill menu. Starting off 1-25: Buy 5 shrimp incase you burn 2 in a row as I did. This should take you to around level 25 cooking. 23-50: Next buy 25 Tuna from the cook cooking all of these should leave you around level 50. If you are lucky and don't burn 4 in the process as I did you should be around level 53. 50-80: The next we're cooking lobsters for a while this is the easier way around this level. Buy 160 Tuna and cook them till 80 80-99 : Buy a grand total of 290 sharks and get cooking. Woo well done you now have 99 cooking and are one step closer to max!
  4. 99 Prayer Guide - Note: well may have been active during testing for the double exp This has to be one of the easiest skills to get 99 if you have the cash. To get to 99 prayer you need 115 Hydra bones. They are going on the PoS for around 400-600k e/a(can change dramatically) Meaning it's only going to cost you 46mil to get to 99 prayer. If you need help making money in game make sure to check out my newcomer's guide and my skeletal mystics.
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    100m notes

    A suggestion to add a Claim-All option to the 100m notes just like the 1b notes have. 100m notes take ages to claim especially since you can't spam click them.
  6. Skeletal Mystics This monster was recently brought to my attention by Dutch and he thought a guide should be written on them and after testing how much money that actually make I'd have to agree with him on that half. So here's the lovely guide. Most of you have probably never even heard of this monster yet alone killed them. They have a pretty good loot table here are a few things to look out for: 1) elite clue scrolls (value of around 50m e/a) 2) Make sure to pick up the starvend ancient effigies, they will help you ALOT on your road to maxing out! 3) they drop x4 charms per charm drop! simply the best way to obtain charms for 99 summoning! Gear/Inventory setup Make sure you bring Antiposion Getting there To get to skeletal mystics you want to teleport to RuneRocks>Then run east until you see a green hill. Note: This is in the wilderness don't bring anything you are not willing to lose. If you cannot afford to lose arma at this point bring kharils it works just as well with a little slower kill times When you are here you want to take a sip of your antiposion and turn on protect from melee. Then just attack the mystics, this is easier if you have a group of people doing it to deter off pkers. However, you can bring your cannon here if you are killing them solo. Loots Each kill you are guaranteed to get 2mil gp. This is much better than the normal starter method of making money @ ::lava They also have rare drops such as: wilderness keys @ 6.7% rune pouch @ 1% steadfast @ 1% Wilderness Keys I tested the money you can make from wilderness keys by opening 100 of them. After 100 keys the total is around 21.3b. That averages out to be around 213m per key. Ofc there is rgn involved in this process i may have been unlucky or lucky with this data set.
  7. First of all Welcome to SimplicityPS. The first thing I'd do when joining simplicity is to read the rules. This gives you an understanding of what is and isn't allowed within the server. Starting Off To start off in-game the first thing I would do is vote. This can be achieved by doing ::vote or by clicking the link here. Then in game type ::Claimvote If all vote sites are up and working it should give you 22 vote scrolls (make sure 'double voting' is on by checking in the chat box when you log in and ::well is active when you claim the scrolls if you decide to for 2x vote points) These can be redeemed by simply clicking on the item or you can sell this item to others. Redeeming the vote scrolls gives you the option of 10 minutes of 30% bonus exp. This is a good option if you want to train your skills however, or go for max xp, the training process goes pretty fast anyway. We'll go into that later, however. Redeeming for 1m and 1 vote point is the other option. This gives you some very early game money and a vote point. (2 vote points if the Well of Goodwill is full, type ::well in-game to check) The vote store sells some pretty useful things such as a $10 donor scroll (around 5b ingame) for 300 vote points. or the charming imp that picks up your charms and turns them in for the best exp possible for you. However, the best option with vote scrolls is to sell them to other players. The going rate for one vote scroll is around 35m. Say you sell them for 35m each * 22 scrolls that start you off on the server with a grand total of 770m every 12 hours . This is more than enough to get yourself some basic gear such as black dhide, karils, or armadyl and a normal blowpipe which is the strongest starting gear. You have not even left the spawn at this point. Events To find the next upcoming events you can do the command ::Events in chat. This will show you what event is coming up next. They are definitely worth doing if you are a new player. More info on the events can be found here: Training First thing you want to do once you've sold your votes is train your main combat stats up to 99 or somewhere around there so you can equip armadyl and blowpipe. This can be done at many places depending on the level of your skills. To start with go to rock crabs at ::train. Any supplies such as arrows or food during this process can be bought from the many shops at ::shops. When rock crabs are getting a little bit slow I'd recommend upgrading your gear here then progressing to Yaks. Yaks can be accessed at the bottom of your monster teleports option. Gearing Up Next you want to hit up the PoS at ::home This guy sells anything that the players list on here. It's like the GE from normal Runescape. You can get this gear setup for around 700m from the PoS. Items can be upgraded with the spare cash or you can use it to invest in prayer. With any remaining money you can purchase bones from the POS or other players to level prayer up (type ::thread 2563 in-game to pull up the prayer guide) and prepare for some money making. Making Some Money Lava Giants ::Lava These are pretty simple to kill just pray melee and start to attack. I'd bring some ranging potions if that's the combat style you went for. They always drop 2.5m each kill so is a nice way to build up a quick cash stack. ::Cows To enter cows you need to have 1m per minute you are in the event. This is a server event that is defo an event to look out for due to staff are often hiding rare items in cows at a pretty good drop rate. I managed to make 20b off a cow event the other day due to getting a nice infinity box drop. You must enter with no gear. You spawn with a wooden shield and sword, the aim is to kill cows and get better gear. ::Dropparty Drop parties are sometimes hosted by staff or players -if approved by staff- (PLEASE DO NOT CONSTANTLY ASK FOR DROP PARTIES) You will be notified by an alert in the game and also by chat. To get here you do ::dropparty. Although there is normally a lot of people who attend this event it's worth going to. Due to the fact, there was a raids box hidden in one of the balloons. A drop like this would be a very nice start to the server as you could open it and get a rare chance of some very good loot or you could sell it for other players for a few billion. Check the POS for up date, competitive pricing. To check the box loots do the command ::boxloots in chat in-game Skilling Guide This guide by Brad has a lot of links to skilling guides around the forums. However, if there is one you believe should be made and would be useful for the community just drop me a message either in the game or on the forums and I'll try and get one constructed for you
  8. sean4755

    ToB Guide

    Simplicity ToB **Note this is a guide intented for group play. This will still work solo but you will need BIS and a lot more skill than I have to write a guide for solo** What is ToB? Simplicity's Version of Theatre of Blood consists only of the last boss: Verzik Vitur (level-1040) in the OSRS version of ToB he is the final boss of the raid. The raid consists of Three Phases of Verzik Vitur. Phase One - "The Pillar Phase" Phase Two - "Don't touch the spiders" Phase Three - "Now he's a spider" Inventory I've never needed anything more than this and often finish ToB with the majority of my supplies left. All Gear shown below is BIS and would be the best case if you want to min-max your time on ToB. Gear can be replaced accordingly for more info on how the gear progression system works within SimplicityRSPS Please check out ::thread 1112. Range Mage Melee The Actual Guide Part # Before you even enter the Raid Overload and rocktail up to 162 hp then enter the raid **I've been told hp max is dependent on what gear set you are using. In my case i was using pernix + tbow in this example ** Phase One - "The Pillar Phase" Range - Pray Mage the whole time In this phase, you want to hide behind the pillar then shoot verzik in a 1:1 pattern. Hide - Shoot - Hide - Shoot This is as simple as it is. Make sure to not go too fast otherwise verzik will hit you for a fatal amount. If the pillar collapses you need to run to the opposite pillar on the room. So in this instance, I would run to the west pillar. Melee - Pray SS As long as you are in Torva + regular SoV or better you will be safe to stand in the white zone and just melee him down. Soulsplit should keep you alive. However, if you do tank one of verziks hits rocktail up to 162 hp again so he can't one shot you. Phase Two - "Don't touch the spiders" ** We're still debating if melee should change to protect mage or keep on SS at this point. Due to the mechanics from this point on being pretty much a one shot " Phase Two is where Verzik starts to get pretty challenging and took the life of Arthur more times than he would like to admit. Verzik gets off his throne and starts flying around the room. It's best to agree with your team which was you are going to rotate around the room. The easiest is to just go clockwise. For range on this stage, the best is to just hit and run. While maintaining the clockwise rotation around the room. For melee on this stage, good luck. Hit and run is the best option for you guys too. After a short amount of time verzik will spawn spiders. The Purple Spiders can be ignored - They heal verzik after a certain amount of time but if you have a group with decent gear verzik can easily be out dps'ed The Green Spiders all I can say is run - They aren't worth trying to kill just run around them and for the love of god do your team a favour and don't walk into one of them. They are a guaranteed one-shot even if you are at 162 hp (Ask Arthur about this one ) Phase Three - "Now he's a spider" Phase three is pretty much the same as phase two. Verzik can spawn its lovely spiders again. But hitting and running is still the best option to kill her. Well if you managed to get this far. Well done you're either pretty good at the game or got carried like me. Let's hope you managed to hit some of these lovely drops. Drop Tables To find drops from verzik in the game do ::getdrop verzik or if your lazy click this link Here Thanks to lewis for being a lovely model in all these photos. If anyone has anything to add or correct me on make sure to just drop me a message.


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