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  1. woah nice and in depth guide ruh! definitely a huge help
  2. welcome! hope you enjoy simplicity! see you around!
  3. yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss gz brother your grinding payed off
  4. Id watch every single episode dude!
  5. A simplicity style wilderness only ironman would be a sweet idea. The resource area is accessible here and the bosses are super rewarding so itd be an awesome series for you too. Of course with the exception of the home area being able to be used since it is edgeville. The thrill of it too as far as you may be hunted down out there!. Best of luck to you!! much love!
  6. pretty good man just gotta specify if its with the well active or not. I know I had a pain in the butt when it came to prayer
  7. absolutely amazing and challenging just the way it should be! you guys are gonna do big things
  8. juicy af grats bro
  9. yo these are pretty badass, near future im coming to you
  10. dude this is the hardest one yall made yet. what a challenge. awesome job fellas yall rock
  11. AGREED
  12. yo man not too bad brother quick and easy to read through and gets the job done! this will deffinetly help some new people put
  13. the maaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  14. bro this is awesome what a grind and a log for every drop I call that pure dedication