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  1. next time u come with suggestions you could add them all into 1 post instead of seperating them =)
  2. So finally dayz leaves early access, and 1.0 will launch on the 13th. i'm not at all feeling that it will save dayz from the grave but it's kinda nostalgic since dayz was one of the first open world zombie games i played, and many others. Countless hours spent running from cherno to nw military base just to be sniped of because of lag. Are any of u guys gonna try it?
  3. Welcome back Zero! how long was it since u last played?
  4. great suggestions,
  5. I’ll enter the competition aswellz looks awesome
  6. Welcome Schijtz
  7. Welcome @Lynx ! you'll want to speak in CC 'help' in game, you'll find us all there =) or by the afk tree in edgeville.
  8. Welcome Caroline!
  9. first casket at edgeville bank, 600k
  10. Nice progress man!
  11. Hello guys!, my name is Elias i'm 22 years old and live in Sweden. I started playing osrs after a long break, and it became boring after 10 days or so because of the long grind. So i decided to seek out an RSPS i would feel welcomed to. I tried out a couple but finally i found this one. Just the right amount of people online, and good content on it. I'm def gonna give it some time and see too it that i become RICH! I'm a photographer in real life, well an educated one, not hired. Currently seeking jobs. I live with my girlfriend in a small town, and we both got gaming amongst many other things in common. Maybe i'll get her to join too =)