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  1. Awesome update this time Rees & developers! See you ingame
  2. next time u come with suggestions you could add them all into 1 post instead of seperating them =)
  3. lordelias


    Welcome back Zero! how long was it since u last played?
  4. lordelias

    PVM ideas

    great suggestions,
  5. lordelias

    Lynx Intro

    Welcome @Lynx ! you'll want to speak in CC 'help' in game, you'll find us all there =) or by the afk tree in edgeville.
  6. first casket at edgeville bank, 600k
  7. Hello guys!, my name is Elias i'm 22 years old and live in Sweden. I started playing osrs after a long break, and it became boring after 10 days or so because of the long grind. So i decided to seek out an RSPS i would feel welcomed to. I tried out a couple but finally i found this one. Just the right amount of people online, and good content on it. I'm def gonna give it some time and see too it that i become RICH! I'm a photographer in real life, well an educated one, not hired. Currently seeking jobs. I live with my girlfriend in a small town, and we both got gaming amongst many other things in common. Maybe i'll get her to join too =)
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