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  1. Treazy

    Updated POS

    Add and option on the POS (play owned shops) that you can request to buy x amount of items for x price ea, (ex: 5 dragon claws @500m ea) I feel this would be a very good update so we dont have to search endlessly through the stores and can make using POS faster.
  2. i like it, but as far as the alching it would be pointless because of the magic well. those items can be taken out by dumping into magic well for a chance to upgrade them for better (bp to magma, etc)
  3. Granite maul (or), for pking. uses 30% spec and has more strength bonus then reg gmaul, would be a great addon to do some sick combos Also can we get a fix for flameburst defender so its on the correct hand, its very annoying for my ocd and stuff with it being bugged.
  4. +10000000000000000000000 Fucking add these please!!!!!!!!!! also should fix emaul price just like ghrazi rapier. thanks for this post hopefully staff takes in to high consideration!
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